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Newly Diagnosed With HIV: Now What?

Down-to-earth tips on mental health, medical care, and practical steps from a person who's been there, offered in the hope of speeding you from the challenges of today to a calmer and more joyful future.

By William A.
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Personal Stories

Newly Diagnosed With HIV: Memo to Me

We asked people living with HIV: If you could give advice to your newly diagnosed self, what would you say?

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New Infections by Race and Transmission Group, U.S. 2014-2018

U.S. Statistics: New HIV Infections

Approximately 1.2 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV today, according to this fact sheet. About 14 percent of them (1 in 7) don’t know it and need testing.


Processing an HIV Diagnosis Mirrors the Five Stages of Grief

Successfully navigating through these stages during one’s HIV diagnosis requires information, communication, emotional support, guidance, and direction.

By Juan Michael Porter II
therapist with patient

Therapy Is Essential for Anyone Who Has Been Newly Diagnosed With HIV

The prospect of a lifelong dependency on medication, fear of rejection, or feelings of personal failure can be emotionally debilitating, especially because there is so much stigma related to the virus.

By Juan Michael Porter II
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As a Refugee to Canada, I Had to Take an HIV Test That Made Me Contemplate My Future

What happens when you're a refugee faced with a difficult choice: work under the table for less money, or face hurdles in the job market that could crop up with an HIV diagnosis.

By Ray Mwareya
Esther Kim

Years After Her Diagnosis, Esther Kim Found Her Long (Literal) Road to Acceptance

“Because of my diagnosis and the struggle that I went through, coming to terms with it, I think it has made me a stronger person. I’ve actually accomplished things I never thought I would.”

By Myles Helfand
Donja R. Love

Off-Broadway Play About HIV-Positive Black Gay Men to Stream Online, One Night Only

Donja R. Love’s ‘one in two’ can be seen online this Friday, with proceeds going to Black activist causes.

By Juan Michael Porter II
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Personal Stories

How I Navigated Dating and Disclosure After My HIV Diagnosis

De Vonté Williamson writes about his journey of self-love and self-acceptance.

By De Vonté Williamson, MPH
black gay pride

Black Pride Events Have Been Canceled Due to COVID-19. But What Happens to HIV Testing, Prevention, and Outreach Efforts?

Losing major public events to reach people who are undiagnosed or need connection to care may harm efforts to end the HIV epidemic.

By George M. Johnson
George M. Johnson in 2016
Personal Stories

“There’s Going to Be a Narrative Only You Can Tell”

A message of hope and purpose from a leader in HIV advocacy and Black queer empowerment.

By George M. Johnson
enormous HIV

Whatever Happened to HIV Superinfection?

Superinfection—when someone living with HIV is infected with a second strain of the virus—is a scary prospect. But is it a concern in the era of modern HIV treatment?

By William Wells