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Spotlight: Edward Jackson

"The challenges of HIV and aging still represent an enormous gift and paradox," Edward Jackson writes. "This gift defines my commitment to this life-giving, life-changing vision to the reduce stigma, provide education, and end HIV in our lives."

By Edward Jackson for National Minority AIDS Council

Amazed by How Far Science Has Advanced in the Treatment and Prevention of HIV: A Blog Entry by Tim Hinkhouse

"I now know that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has come along way because I saw a TV commercial for Truvada," Tim Hinkhouse writes. "That literally made me tear up."

By Tim Hinkhouse

This 'Magnetic Couple' Runs to End Stigma

"We have been together for more than a year as a magnetic couple, (one positive and one negative). We are honored to share our story with the world while both running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, raising money to end the HIV epidemic and to ...

By Brandon Strawn and Daniel Eggert for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Support for My Clemency Application, Update of Oregon HIV Criminalization Laws: A Blog Entry by Tim Hinkhouse

In Oregon, CAP is working to limit the ability of prosecutors to use HIV status to enhance the severity of sentencing.

By Tim Hinkhouse

65-Year-Old HIV Hero Competes in Gay Games

Stephen Kovacev, a 65-year-old HIV-positive athlete and cancer survivor, is competing in the quadrennial Gay Games in Paris.

By Charles Sanchez

His Lifelong Journey to Being Poz and Proud

Rae Colyer tells the story of his older brother, from coming out as gay as a teen to receiving an HIV diagnosis, and eventually finding love and a new purpose in HIV activism.

By Rae Colyer for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

'One Little Prick of the Finger Determined My Life'

While Hataria James is in an incredibly stable place in her life right now, 16 years ago she would have never imagined where she is at today.

By Raven Feagins for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

My Pal Tina: West Hollywood, Waiting Tables, and Crystal Meth

Recounting his downward spiral with crystal meth, Charles Sanchez writes, "Hang out with Tina, and you don't know where you'll end up: maybe at a bar, maybe at a cool party, maybe at a sex club, maybe in jail."

By Charles Sanchez

Sex Worker Lyle Muns on the Emancipation of People With HIV

"My time in Amsterdam for the 2018 International AIDS Conference has proven that this fascinating city is certainly more 'sex positive' than most," Mark S. King notes.

By Mark S. King

Gay Men From Around the World Share Struggles and Solutions at International AIDS Conference

In his first video report from the 2018 International AIDS Conference, Mark S. King finds out what gay life is really like for men around the globe. Some of their answers might surprise you.

By Mark S. King and Kenyon Farrow