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Since TheBody was founded in 1995, we've been answering HIV-related questions submitted anonymously online -- over 130,000 questions in the past 24 years, as a matter of fact. It's one of the services we're proudest to offer: access to some of the world's most knowledgeable HIV care providers and experts.

We get a lot of questions -- so many that it's impossible for us to answer them all. But a lot of them cover very similar topics, so even if we don't answer your question directly, we'll incorporate the answer into Q&A roundups, topical overviews, and other articles we write that cover the issues that matter most to you.

As you fill out the question form below, please try to avoid giving any more personal information (e.g., your full name, where you live, your phone number, etc.) than you absolutely have to. We care about your privacy as much as you do!


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