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Undectable transmission to healthcare

I work in a lab and was unaware a specimen I was processing was from a patient with HIV. I was processing a frozen tissue sample. I use universal protection, but that day I was sneezing a lot and at one point in a rush grabbed a piece of gauze with m...

Resolved to Stay Healthy This Year? Here's Info to Help Img
Substance Use

Resolved to Stay Healthy This Year? Here's Info to Help

Many of us make commitments to ourselves at the beginning of the new year to focus on our health and well-being. offers these tips and tools that might help you stay on track.

Q&A: Ask the Experts

10 Words or Less

Does CBD THC free help in people with hiv or one has to take the CBD oil which has some thc

Q&A: Ask the Experts

How to connect

Name: Louie Evangelista From: Home Email: I am writing to seek people in my position , I will be 70 sept 13 and I know I am one of the longest livid patients to date my original doctor was doctor Jeffery Green at NYU he was also ...

Tiffany Marerro
Personal Stories

HIV Activism Without Pleasure and Healing: Leave It in 2018

Tiffany Marerro reflects on a year of activism and honors those who came before her.

Q&A: Ask the Experts

10 Words or Less

Hi I am a phlebotomist at the hospital and I stuck myself with a blunt needle and it was enough to leave a mark on my hand but not draw blood should I be freaking out because I am.

David Fawcett Ph.D., LCSW

Managing Holiday Stress: Some Tips for Persons Living With HIV/AIDS

Some practical tips and skills to lessen the negative impact of the season and to promote healthy connection and enjoyment of the holidays.

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Ecstasy Addiction

Hello, everybody, I need advice. I am afraid that I am ecstasy addicted. I tried it several times, but the last time I begin to use it more often. I found here some symptoms of the addiction., but maybe som...

Mental health collage

Mental Health and HIV

Good mental health will help you live your life to the fullest and is essential to successfully treating HIV. Learn more about managing your mental health and seeking treatment.

Clark Hawley

Spirituality and Faith in My HIV Journey

The line between religion and spirituality can be difficult to navigate.