HIV Transmission illustration

No-BS Basics on HIV Prevention

Thanks to decades of extensive scientific research, we now have extremely reliable ways to prevent HIV transmission. Here’s a breakdown of the tools you can use to prevent HIV.

By Sony Salzman and Myles Helfand


Marissa Bonnie (left) and Jack Martin of Minneapolis’ Southside Harm Reduction Services.

Minnesota’s Recent HIV Outbreaks Are About So Much More Than HIV

They’re about the state’s failure to properly serve people of color, people who use substances, and people who don’t have permanent housing, advocates argue.

By Mariah Wilberg

The CDC Is Updating PrEP Guidelines. Here’s Why I Wish These Updates Existed Sooner.

The new draft guidance opens the door for PrEP discussions for “all sexually-active persons.”

By Juan Michael Porter II

What the Heck Happened to Zambia's Condoms?

Alleged corruption has caused countless health risks and an increase in stigma against condom use in Zambia, where HIV rates are still high.

By Audrey Natsai Simango
SOAR syringe-exchange and harm-reduction services

Harsh New Restrictions in West Virginia Show Just How Fragile Needle Exchange Programs Can Be

Both the state and the capital city just made it almost impossible to protect drug users and their service providers—despite HIV outbreaks and the nation’s No. 1 overdose crisis.

By Tim Murphy

Jason Domino Wants You to Get Off and Get Information About HIV

This activist porn actor and sex worker is creatively spreading information about HIV prevention and fighting stigma against HIV-positive porn actors.

By Charles Sanchez
talking to doctor

I Am a Patient Navigator. Here’s What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting PrEP

So much of navigating the decision to start an HIV prevention method starts with unlearning stigma and seeking out a supportive provider.

By Michael Chancley Jr., M.S.W.
Mr E for HOPWA story

The Fight for More HOPWA Funding Is on in 2021

The program currently serves only a fraction of all low-income folks with HIV who are eligible for housing. Can advocates pull off a game-changer this year?

By Tim Murphy
Black woman talking to doctor

Doctor Silent About HIV and PrEP? Here’s How Black Women Can Self-Advocate

If you are a Black woman, and your doctor doesn’t mention incorporating HIV prevention into your care, these questions may help guide the conversation.

By Dali Adekunle

How to Know If There’s a Power Imbalance in Your Relationship

Power is never entirely equally shared between partners, but inequity becomes relationship kryptonite when left unchecked.

By Gigi Engle
safe injection protest

Overdose Prevention Sites Work, but They Face an Uphill Battle in the U.S.

The fight for places where drug users can shoot up safely isn’t over—but it’s competing with an effort to expand access to medications that block addiction.

By Tim Murphy