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Treatment Action Group is an independent AIDS research and policy think tank fighting for better treatment, a vaccine, and a cure for AIDS.

TAG works to ensure that all people with HIV receive lifesaving treatment, care, and information.

We are science-based treatment activists working to expand and accelerate vital research and effective community engagement with research and policy institutions.

TAG catalyzes open collective action by all affected communities, scientists, and policy makers to end AIDS.

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Latest by Treatment Action Group

Hepatitis Cure, Sofosbuvir, Turns 5 Years Old: The Vast Majority of People Still Have Not Been Treated

"The mind-boggling profits that Gilead earned since the launch of sofosbuvir could treat every person currently waiting for the hepatitis C cure while earning over US$16 billion in profits for shareholders."

By Treatment Action Group

In a State of Disunion: HIV, TB, and HCV Elimination Policies and Priorities Under the Trump Administration

"The policy moves made by the Trump administration, this year alone, have been illogical," Suraj Madoori writes.

By Suraj Madoori for Treatment Action Group

Universal Health Care and Reducing HIV Incidence: What Does the Research Tell Us?

Research indicates that robust universal health coverage could contribute to reducing HIV incidence by improving access to proven tools for reducing transmission.

By Richard Jefferys for Treatment Action Group

Universal Health Care and Prescription Drug Pricing

Reining in prescription drug prices isn't so much a potential benefit of universal health care, but rather a factor in its affordability and success.

By Tim Horn for Treatment Action Group

The Long Game for Health Justice: Claiming and Strategizing the HIV Community's Role in Universal Health Care Advocacy

"Now is the time for us to engage in ongoing national conversations on a single-payer system that can potentially shift our current health care paradigm to one that is radically transformative, universal, cost-saving, and just for all people living w...

By Suraj Madoori and Maximillian Boykin for Treatment Action Group

Coverage Isn't Care: Globalizing the Insurance Model Will Harm Global Public Health

"Exportation of the insurance model to developing countries, especially at a time of global austerity, institutionalizes the retreat from the social contract at just the moment when investment in infectious diseases could result in the elimination of...

By Annette Gaudino for Treatment Action Group

Pharma Greed Kills

An interactive panel discussion reflects on community responses to extortionate drug pricing by Big Pharma that threaten people's access to medicines, particularly those which treat HIV and hepatitis C.

By Scott Morgan for Treatment Action Group

Lessons From History for Today's HIV Response

Maintaining and expanding the accomplishments of the past depend on a fight for their survival and growth -- now more than ever.

By Mark Harrington for Treatment Action Group

Wrangling Affordable Drug Pricing and HCV Elimination Under the New White House Administration

Trump's early tough talk on drug pricing is now a pro-industry, anti-regulation GOP dreamscape.

By Bryn Gay for Treatment Action Group

HIV Activist Learning Modules: Engaging Our Community in HIV Prevention Policy Advocacy

To support the efforts of prevention advocates across the U.S., Treatment Action Group has developed a series of modules to help support activists' capacity needs and to develop advocacy action plans.

By Treatment Action Group