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Aaron Laxton

"I Didn't Just Want to Be an Idle Observer"

In this short film, Aaron Laxton walks us through his journey -- from being diagnosed with HIV in 2011, to documenting his first few years living with HIV on YouTube, to his emergence as a leading HIV advocate.


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Personal Stories

Intimacy Across HIV Statuses

New treatment options and more choices for effective HIV prevention are bringing partners together -- forging stronger ties, deepening intimacy and, yes, helping sex feel better, too.

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Personal Stories

Get a Little Closer: HIV, Sex and Intimacy

Thanks to effective treatment and more options for prevention, the new era of HIV is breaking down barriers between couples and fostering intimacy both inside and outside the bedroom.

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Addiction, Recovery and Living With HIV talked with Scott Kramer, a therapist who specializes in supporting people living with HIV, about his non-stigmatizing approach to helping people who are facing addiction issues along with HIV.

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How Has HIV Testing Changed?

The first commercial HIV test was approved by the FDA on March 1, 1985. Testing technology and prevention have dramatically improved since that discovery.