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What’s Happening With New HIV Treatments? Three Big Areas to Watch

There’s a lot happening in the field of new HIV treatments. Here’s an overview of the major developments and where the research for each stands.

By Michael Broder
Jim Dunn, with wife Susan

To Help Researchers Find Out About HIV’s Survival In The Body, Some People Plan to Donate Their Bodies to Science

San Diego’s Last Gift study hopes to expand to other cities to advance research on exactly how HIV lives in the body.

By Tim Murphy
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There Is No HIV Vaccine Yet. But New Research Findings Could Bring Us One Step Closer

Movement by the research community towards an HIV vaccine is good news. Here's what the latest trial results mean, and what they do not.

By Larry Buhl

Telehealth Is Changing HIV Treatment and Care for People Living With HIV

Video visits with HIV doctors can save us time, money, and stress, which can result in better health. But we still need to increase health care affordability and access.

By Tuyishime Claire Gasamagera
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News Analysis

Cabenuva, the First Long-Acting Injectable HIV Regimen, Is Here; Now, Who Will Take It?

Appreciating the breakthrough is one thing. Actually making the switch is another.

By Tim Murphy