HIV Is Not a Crime

Discrimination Against People With HIV Is Illegal. Here's What to Do if It Happens to You

If you've been the target of HIV-related discrimination, know you are not alone. There are laws to protect you, and people and organizations prepared to help. Understand your rights and use these tips to take action.

By Ronda B. Goldfein, Esq. and Mark Spencer


harm reduction

Criminalizing Drug Use Isn't Good Public Health. Safe Supply Offers an Alternative.

Canada is saving lives by cutting out the toxic drug supply that has dramatically increased overdoses—and providing drugs directly through health care services.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Deirdre Johnson

Virginia Proves HIV Criminalization Laws Are Harder to Repeal Than They Should Be

Advocates in Viriginia got much—though not all—of what they wanted, providing a strategy blueprint for several states where a second look at such laws is imminent.

By Tim Murphy
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NYC Working Group Urges Policymakers to Recognize COVID-19 as a Chronic Condition

A new report calls for action towards health justice and healing for New York communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
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Personal Stories

I Had to Get Past the Stigma of Having HIV. Then I Had to Do the Same for Mental Illness

A Minnesota HIV activist recounts her epic tale of overcoming not one, but two, diseases that can destroy us if we don’t accept—and treat—them.

By Mariah Wilberg
Ivy Arce a Chinese-American living with HIV

Amid Hate Crimes, Asians and Pacific Islanders in HIV Say Relatively Low Numbers Shouldn’t Equal Invisibility

Asians and Pacific Islanders are often erased when it comes to HIV prevention, making these communities unable to share in the overall progress made in fighting HIV nationwide.

By Tim Murphy
vaccine COVID-19 Navajo tribe

To Keep Indigenous Communities Safe, We Need to Broaden COVID-19 Vaccine Access

Indigenous people have the highest mortality rates from COVID-19 and HIV among all racial and ethnic groups in the country. When paired with illicit drug use, that vulnerability explodes.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Sero Project staff members Kamaria Laffrey, Tami Haught, and Cindy Stine during preparations for the HIV Is Not A Crime Conference (HINAC).

Trump May Be Gone, but the HIV Criminalization Fight Goes On

There’s still work to do, even under a more progressive administration.

By Giuli Alvarenga
Zimbabwe phone

Some Zimbabwean Health Care Workers are Violating the Privacy of People With HIV

Data leaks can lead to missed medications, illness, HIV drug resistance, and even worse stigma against people living with HIV.

By Nyasha Bhobo
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These Meme Accounts May Be Contributing to COVID Stigma and Public Health Misinformation

Whether it's GaysOverCOVID or LA Basics, what are the public-health implications of anonymously run Instagram accounts, with the ability to reach tens of thousands of people with each post, that have taken a hardline stance on complex topics?

By Ryan Killian Krause
young-black-african-american-woman-patient-in-protective-face-mask-sitting-getting-vaccination t20 JokVeE
News Analysis

Everyone’s Talking About Racism, Medical Mistrust, and COVID-19. Where Do We Go From Here?

If we’re to address the lack of trust within Black communities and carve out a path forward, the health care system and its stakeholders first will need to reckon with both its racist past and present.

By Ginger Skinner