Reasons Why People Skip Their Meds

6 Reasons Why People Skip Their HIV Meds

We all know it’s important to take HIV medications every day, but let’s face it: It’s not always the easiest thing to do. Here are six key obstacles that can block the way between you and your meds – and tips on how to get past them.

By Kellee Terrell



What You Need to Know About the New Coronavirus and HIV

The latest medical advice from HIV doctors and health experts on how to remain healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic if you're living with HIV in the U.S.

By Myles Helfand and Mathew Rodriguez
Norvir (Ritonavir) Pills

Norvir (Ritonavir) for HIV Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

An old HIV medication that's still a part of many people's treatment regimens, there's plenty to know about what makes this “booster” drug tick—and why it has such a long-lived history.

By David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H.
COVID-19 vaccine vial

COVID-19 Vaccination for People Living With HIV: What Do We Know So Far?

Will PLWH in the U.S. be prioritized to receive a COVID-19 vaccine? Is the vaccine safe for PLWH? Here's the latest.

By Larry Buhl

Can HIV Meds Interact With COVID-19 Treatment? Here’s What We Know So Far

Whether it’s remdesivir, corticosteroids, convalescent plasma, or monoclonal antibodies, we’ve got the latest expert info on what people living with HIV and their clinicians need to keep in mind.

By Larry Buhl

Atripla for HIV Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

It's the oldest single-tablet regimen for HIV. But is it washed up as a viable treatment option? Here's a top expert's take.

By David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H.

Genvoya for HIV Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

It’s not considered a “preferred” option for starting HIV treatment in the U.S., but Genvoya still has its place in our medication arsenal.

By David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H.

People with HIV Face New Challenges to Care Continuity During COVID Lockdown

The pandemic has disrupted HIV care all over the world, causing missed doses of medications and lack of access to clinics.

By Michael Broder
empty pill bottle

The Anatomy of a Slip-Up

Why do people living with HIV fall through the cracks of care despite our best efforts, and how do we prevent that during a global pandemic?

By Juan Michael Porter II
Personal Stories

When I Say U=U, That Means You, Too

Undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U) doesn’t mean the burden of staying HIV-free is solely on positive people.

By R. Mason
Scott Kramer selfie.

COVID-19 Doesn’t Stop HIV Support Group From ‘Living Successfully’

Zooming in on new technology, these New Yorkers battle an old problem.

By Charles Sanchez