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Las Memorias AIDS Monument
Personal Stories

On World AIDS Day, Remembering What the '80s Were Like for Latinx Gay Men in California

"Many of us who are younger don't know what those days were like," Giuliani Alvarenga writes. "But World AIDS Day should be a time when we remember those we have lost to the virus."

Alberto Perez Bermudez
Personal Stories

On World AIDS Day, I Reflect on My Journey and Dedicate Myself to Educating My Community About HIV

From growing up on the streets and being a gang leader to becoming an AIDS activist, educator, and long-term survivor, Alberto Perez Bermudez's HIV diagnosis changed his life forever.

ICYMI: National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day -- New Tools and Approaches Offer Hope for Ending HIV Img

ICYMI: National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day -- New Tools and Approaches Offer Hope for Ending HIV

"One month ago we observed National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day. As we look forward to 2019, we encourage you to revisit a blog post by Admiral Brett Giroir and Dr. Elena V. Rios on one of the major observances of the fall."

Carlos Morenx, Jada Cardona, Julio Perez, and Zoraida Requena
Personal Stories

Latinx People Living With HIV Share How They Came to Terms With Their Diagnosis

We asked Latinx people living with HIV in the U.S.: How did you come to terms with your HIV diagnosis and develop the confidence to stay healthy?

Li Laing and Maria Mejia
Personal Stories

Why My Ex and Best Friend Li and I Broke Up After 10 Years Together and Married Legally

In this sad tale of immigration, HIV, and the insurmountable hurdles involved, Maria Mejia recounts the end of her marriage.

Julio Fonseca
Personal Stories

Speak It Into Existence: Talking About HIV Can Help End It

"This National Latinx HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, my wish is that by sharing my story, you might share yours and that together we get the word out about HIV prevention, testing, and treatment," Julio Fonseca writes.

HIV Among Hispanics/Latinos in the United States Img

HIV Among Hispanics/Latinos in the United States

HIV continues to be a serious threat to the health of Hispanic/Latino1 communities. In 2016, Hispanics/Latinos accounted for 26% (10,292) of the 40,324 new HIV diagnoses in the United States and 6 dependent areas.2

The Numbers

HIV Diagnoses3

In 20...

Datos Sobre el Estigma del VIH Img
Comunidad y Recursos de VIH

Datos Sobre el Estigma del VIH

El estigma del VIH puede ser difícil de explicar. Aprende los datos básicos para entender mejor por qué el estigma del VIH es dañino. Luego toma acción para ayudar a poner fin al estigma del VIH en tu familia y comunidad.

¿Qué es el estigma del VIH?...

Graffiti in San Juan, Puerto Rico states 'My People! When Will We Get Our Independence?'
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican HIV Activists Continue Post-Hurricane Maria Fight Despite U.S. Indifference and Local Corruption

"One would think that being a commonwealth of the most powerful country in the world would have benefits when it comes to health care and recovery from natural catastrophes, such as the one that took place in September 2017," Giuliani Alvarenga write...