Are We Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges?

During a session on HIV and healthy aging at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, one woman spoke passionately about the need for increased visibility of older people living with HIV.

By Sarah Denison-Johnston for The Well Project

Caring for Your Heart

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Heart Disease Basics Symptoms of Heart Attack Risk Factors for Heart Disease HIV and Heart Disease Reducing the Risk for Heart Disease Taking Care of Yourself

Heart Disease Basics

Many people think of heart disease as a...

By The Well Project

Spotlight: Edward Jackson

"The challenges of HIV and aging still represent an enormous gift and paradox," Edward Jackson writes. "This gift defines my commitment to this life-giving, life-changing vision to the reduce stigma, provide education, and end HIV in our lives."

By Edward Jackson for National Minority AIDS Council

Pilot Study Finds Intense Exercise Is Good for Older HIV-Positive Men

In a recent study, older men who engaged in high-intensity aerobic exercise (but not moderate intensity) showed a significantly increased their ability to maximize their use of oxygen.

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

A Little Gratitude

On the 30th anniversary of her HIV diagnosis, Dawn Averitt writes, "Just being alive in 2018, the mother of three daughters, did not only seem unlikely in 1988, it seemed implausible at best and more realistically, impossible at the time."

By Dawn Averitt Bridge for The Well Project

National Coalition Needed to Advance Issues Facing Long-Term Survivors of HIV, Report Says

A new report from The Reunion Project on HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day calls for a national coalition of survivors of HIV to advance the needs of survivors in four key areas: research, programs, community building, and advocacy.

By The Reunion Project

Long-Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS Speak Up About Their Legacy

Just in time for the annual HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day on June 5, The Reunion Project has released a new video in which people who have lived with HIV for decades discuss their legacy.

By Mark S. King for MyFabulousDisease.com

Older People and HIV

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How Many Older People Have HIV? Why Are Older People Acquiring HIV? Is HIV Different for Older People? Is HIV the Same in Older People? What Other Health Problems Are Common? Mental Problems The Bottom Line

How Many Ol...

By AIDS InfoNet

New Research Provides Clarity on Questions of HIV-Related Accelerated Aging

Researchers surveyed earlier this month by the Washington Post added a critical dimension to the current understanding of accelerated aging.

By AIDS United

HIV Among People Aged 50 and Over

Fast FactsThanks to better treatments, people with HIV are living longer. People aged 50 and over account for an estimated 45% of Americans living with diagnosed HIV.People aged 50 and older have the same HIV risk factors as younger people, but may b...

By Centers for Disease Control and Prevention