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Anthony Bourdain

A Lust for Life and Anthony Bourdain

In contemplating Bourdain's suicide and her own battle with depression, Sherri Lewis writes, "I discovered that my problems were not about dying, but about how to live."

Depression, Women, and HIV Img

Depression, Women, and HIV

Table of Contents What Is Depression? Women and Depression Depression in Women Living With HIV Depression and Older Women Living With HIV Depression Can Cause Serious Problems Treatment Options Get Checked and Treated for Depression Wha...

Depression More Common Among Women Than Men Living With HIV Img

Depression More Common Among Women Than Men Living With HIV

It's not a secret that people living with HIV/AIDS are more likely to suffer from depression than the general population -- they are twice as likely, in fact. But a new study, conducted by researchers who are part of the CRANIum Study, sheds even mor...

Women, HIV, and Depression

depression graphicHaving "The Blues" for a day or two is some-thing we all feel occasionally. Depression is different. Depression can last weeks or months, or even years. It can change your body chemistry and, left untreated, can worsen or even cause...

Women, HIV, and Depression

Before you decide that you don't need to read this article, did you know that: Signs of clinical depression can be mistaken for advancing HIV disease. Over half of all people with HIV are likely to end up with clinical depression. Women (HIV+ or H...