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National AIDS Memorial’s Annual Video Series Highlights Transgender Community

In its annual Surviving Voices series, the National AIDS Memorial has turned its eyes to the nation’s transgender community, who live at the nexus of numerous structural health disparities.

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Loving Kink Doesn't Make Me a Bad Feminist

Feminist writer Marj Ostani explores how playing with power dynamics in a consensual, affectionate, sexual relationship is empowering for her as an Asian womxn.

_This Positive Life_: Cecilia Chung on Violence, Gender, Prisons, Family and Healing Img

This Positive Life: Cecilia Chung on Violence, Gender, Prisons, Family and Healing

It was 1993 when Cecilia Chung was diagnosed with HIV while living in San Francisco. Born Catholic, she thought she was being punished for coming out as transgender. "You transitioned," she remembers thinking. "This is God's way of telling you he doe...

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HIV/AIDS Among Minority Women

Today there are an estimated 1.039 million to 1.185 million HIV-positive individuals living in the United States?the largest number ever according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of these, between 252,000?315,000 people do not kn...

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It's All About Empowerment -- A Visit With HIV/AIDS Activist Nancy Shearer

Nancy Shearer and her daughter

Filipina, mother, HIV advocate, woman in recovery, political activist, spokesperson for the Asian Pacific Islander AIDS Intervention Team (APAIT) . . . Nancy Shearer wears many hats.

And she wears them all well, despi...