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HIV vaccine

With Global Trials Expanding, More HIV Vaccines Are Put to the Test

An HIV vaccine has remained elusive. But a set of new strategies in trials around the world may finally turn that around. Rod McCullom reports.

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Tennessee: Volunteers Needed for HIV Trials

Vanderbilt University's HIV Vaccine Trials Unit is encouraging high-risk, HIV-negative men ages 18-45 to enroll in a trial testing a new HIV vaccine strategy.

Nashville is one of 12 sites chosen by the National Institutes of Health for the HVTN 505 ...

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HIV Vaccine Trials and the Science of Oppression

For our World AIDS Day 2010 section, we wanted to capture the diversity of the AIDS community. So, we reached out to people across the world -- mostly those who have never written for us before -- and asked them to guest blog. These columns are writt...

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An HIV/AIDS Vaccine Breakthrough? On CNN, Community Leaders Offer Perspective: A Blog Entry by Kellee Terrell

Off the cusp of the exciting news that scientists have discovered two potent antibodies that can stop more than 90 percent of HIV strains, CNN anchor Don Lemon interviewed Phill Wilson, CEO and founder of the Black AIDS Institute, and Sherri Lewis, H...

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HIV Prevention: A Changing Outlook

Introduction AIDS Vaccines

The Thai Trial: A Shot in the Arm Other Vaccines Why Has AIDS Vaccine Research Been so Challenging? What's Next?


Can a Pill a Day Prevent HIV?


Hope in 2010 Rectal Microbicides

Conclusion ...

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African Americans: Answers About HIV Vaccine Research

How is HIV/AIDS affecting African-American communities?

What Is a Vaccine?A vaccine "teaches" the immune system to recognize and defend against a virus (such as HIV), bacteria or other disease-causing agent.

The AIDS crisis is not over and HIV/AIDS...