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There Is No HIV Vaccine Yet. But New Research Findings Could Bring Us One Step Closer

Movement by the research community towards an HIV vaccine is good news. Here's what the latest trial results mean, and what they do not.

By Larry Buhl
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Whatever Happened to HIV Superinfection?

Superinfection—when someone living with HIV is infected with a second strain of the virus—is a scary prospect. But is it a concern in the era of modern HIV treatment?

By William Wells
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Several HIV Vaccine Research Trials Are in the Works. Here's What You Should Know.

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2019 falls on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough.

By Sony Salzman
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HIV Vaccines

Get basic information on how vaccines work and answers to many common questions about a vaccine against HIV.

By The Well Project
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In the Era of Daily PrEP, Feds May Stop Research Funding Gels, Rings, and Douches for HIV Prevention

The effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis has played a role in diverting U.S. funding from microbicide research.

By Tim Murphy
Microbicides: The Basics Img

Microbicides: The Basics

What are microbicides, why do we need them, and what is the status of current microbicide research? This fact sheet answers those questions and more.

By AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention
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What Is a Preventive HIV Vaccine?

Key PointsA preventive HIV vaccine is given to people who do not have HIV, with the goal of preventing HIV infection in the future.There are currently no preventive HIV vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but research is un...

By HIVinfo
HIV Vaccine Shows Over 50% Protection Against Multiple HIV Strains in Initial Animal Testing Img

HIV Vaccine Shows Over 50% Protection Against Multiple HIV Strains in Initial Animal Testing

A new HIV vaccine candidate has shown over 50% effectiveness in preventing transmission of an HIV-like virus in monkeys, according to a recent animal study.

By Annamarya Scaccia
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Microbicides Against HIV

There has been a lot of recent HIV research around microbicide use as a way to prevent HIV transmission, and some results have been promising. If you're unfamiliar with what microbicides are or you're looking to get yourself up to speed on all the fa...

By The Well Project
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HIV Vaccines 101: How Vaccines Work

Vaccines are the most effective means to prevent and even eradicate infectious diseases. Learn the basics of how vaccines work, and the possible routes to a vaccine for HIV.

By Rod McCullom