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10 Black Transgender Women to Watch

Black AIDS Institute honors black trans women who are leading the fight for equality, human rights, and civil rights for trans and gender-nonconforming people of color.

By Whitney Alese for The Black AIDS Institute

Mental Health Expert Uses His Life to Help Others Navigate HIV and Gender

Brian Belovitch has learned many lessons about self-care during his long journey with HIV and trans identity. Now he channels those lessons into his work as a mental health provider.

By JD Davids

Brian Belovitch's Journey Through HIV and His Full-Circle Transgender Experience

Diagnosed with HIV in 1987 while living as a trans woman in New York City, long-term survivor Brian Belovitch documents his life and journey in a new memoir.

By JD Davids

Taking Control of Your Health as a Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Individual

Cris Lee, a transmasculine, non-binary individual, provides some tips for taking control of the health care experience.

By Cris Lee for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Pride in Mourning: On the Death of Transgender Activist Roxsana Hernández in an ICE Detention Center

Roxsana Hernández, an HIV-positive Honduran trans woman, died on May 25 inside a detention center in the custody of U.S. immigration officials due to the neglect and apathy of the officers detaining her.

By Giuliani Alvarenga

Cecilia Chung: Finding My Purpose

The senior director of strategic projects for the Transgender Law Center and a health commissioner of San Francisco talks about her work, motivations, and the importance of National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

By Sarah Hashmall for AIDS United

Queen Mother of the South: My Life as a Transgender Parent

"When I contracted HIV, the hardest thing was not accepting that I had it, but deciding how I would explain it to my daughter," Evonne Kaho writes.

By Evonne Kaho

The Cranky Queer's Guide to Chronic Illness

"We've got a lot to talk about; we can help each other through," JD Davids writes.

By JD Davids

Voices of Activists for Transgender Rights

UNAIDS talked to transgender activists around the world about the challenges they face and the importance of improving the visibility of transgender people.


I Was an American Girl: One Trans Guy Says Thanks and Bye to Tom Petty

"Petty's vision of American girls was expansive and he was on what I'll just loosely refer to as 'our side': the side that bridges trauma and resistance."

By JD Davids