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Trump Administration's Public Charge Rule Would Derail Efforts to End the U.S. HIV Epidemic

Tell the Department of Homeland Security that this hateful, harmful, and discriminatory policy is unacceptable before the public comment period ends on Dec. 10.

By AIDS United

Your Vote, Your Voice, Your Weapon: Fight Back for Trans and GNC Americans

After this week's "bare-knuckled assault on the civil rights and safety of people who identify as outside of the gender binary," Arpita Appannagari says we must, "[g]ather your friends and neighbors, and GO VOTE for candidates who will protect the ri...

By Arpita Appannagari for The Center for HIV Law and Policy

Hands Off HIV Funding and Immigrant Children!

HHS Secretary Alex Azar wants to reallocate $266 million in funds allocated by Congress for HIV treatment, prevention, and support services, and repurpose it to finance the separation and imprisonment of young immigrant children.

By AIDS United

A 'Justice' Kavanaugh Would Be a Nightmare for People Living With Disabilities, Including PLHIV

"There are plenty of reasons why LGBT people and people living with HIV should be horrified at the prospect of a Justice Kavanaugh," writes Catherine Hanssens, the founder and executive director of The Center for HIV Law & Policy.

By Catherine Hanssens, Esq. for The Center for HIV Law and Policy

We Learn, We Think, We Change: Martin Fisher Foundation and Stiggy Launch Campaign to End HIV Stigma

The UK's Martin Fisher Foundation has produced a new set of videos about making HIV stigma history starring Stiggy, "the HIV stigmasaur."

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

What HIV Activists Can Learn From a Failed Faith Leaders Meeting With Trump

Tips for activists to prepare for high-level meetings, on the heels of news about black ministers meeting with Trump on prison reform.

By Marvell Terry

The Consequences of Our Elections: Why The Midterms Matter to People Living With HIV

There is plenty that you can do between now and the 2018 midterm elections to ensure that the voices of people living with and affected by HIV are heard.

By AIDS United

If Silence=Death, Where Is the HIV Community's Voice Resisting the War Against Immigrants in the United States?

A call to marshal our full resources, voice and political power in support of immigrants targeted by hateful policies and dangerous, dehumanizing rhetoric.

By Positive Women's Network of the United States of America (PWN-USA)

Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Rears Its Head in the Trump Administration: Here's What We Should Do to Stop It

The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to roll back the objectively successful, evidence-based sexual education and family planning programs implemented by the Obama administration.

By Drew Gibson

New Toolkit Supports Advocates in Using Media to Fight for HIV Justice

As people around the world living with HIV continue to be criminalized and convicted at alarming rates, HIV Justice Worldwide has released "Making Media Work for HIV Justice: An Introduction to Media Engagement for Advocates Opposing HIV Criminalizat...

By HIV Justice Network