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Please Sign My Petition for Clemency and Help End HIV Criminalization: A Blog Entry by Tim Hinkhouse

Tim Hinkhouse is seeking signatures on a petition asking Oregon's Governor to release him after more than two decades in prison.

By Tim Hinkhouse

15 HIV Advocates to Watch in 2015: A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

Looking forward to the coming months, Mark King tells you which HIV advocates you should be keeping your eye on.

By Mark S. King for

The Dying White Male Patriarchy: On Donald Sterling -- A Blog Entry by Ben B.

"On the one hand, I view Donald Sterling as a poster child for "forced retirement"; on the other, I feel we need to designate an island of exile for these last vestiges of the worst of the 20th Century. "

By Ben B.

Jason Villalobos: Greater Than AIDS: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

On Sunday December 9th Jason Villalobos shared his story on the POZ I AM Radio Show. Jason Villalobos is an HIV/AIDS activist and national spokesperson for the Greater Than AIDS Campaign. Diagnosed with AIDS some 8 years ago, he has since dedicated h...

By Robert Breining

"Write a Letter to HIV" Campaign!

"In the first few months, HIV, we had good days and we had bad days, but you never were far from my thoughts. I found support from friends and others who were well acquainted with you, and slowly life returned to normal. Wow. 'Normal.' That's not the...

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

HIV Stigma and Awareness: Time to Change Our Message -- A Blog Entry by Jeannie Wraight

"I am not someone to fear or pity. I am not beneath anyone, less of a person, or unworthy because I am HIV positive. ... I will not allow ANYONE to pity me, stigmatize me or try to make me feel less than who I am. I do not give anyone that power over...

By Jeannie Wraight

Getting to Zero and Cycle for Freedom: A National HIV/AIDS Mobilization Campaign -- A Blog Entry by Khafre Abif

Khafre Abif is going to fight HIV in a way few others do (or have the physical stamina to): He's getting on a bike. "In the spirit of Harriet Tubman, I can serve as a foot soldier for freedom for HIV/AIDS in black and Latino America by cycling the Un...

By Khafre Abif

Julie Davids Reflects on CHAMP and the Future of HIV Prevention Justice

In December 2010, TAGline caught up with the super energetic and visionary HIV activist Julie Davids, veteran of ACT UP/Philadelphia, HealthGAP, and a slew of more recent U.S. HIV prevention and social justice organizations such as CHAMP, Project UNS...

By Treatment Action Group

What Do You Think Is the Best Way to Fight HIV/AIDS Stigma?

Stigma: It could be the greatest barrier we face in the fight against HIV/AIDS. So how do we eliminate it -- in our communities and on a global level? We asked members of the worldwide HIV/AIDS community to offer their thoughts; read what they had to...