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Trump Administration's Public Charge Rule Would Derail Efforts to End the U.S. HIV Epidemic

Tell the Department of Homeland Security that this hateful, harmful, and discriminatory policy is unacceptable before the public comment period ends on Dec. 10.

By AIDS United

We Learn, We Think, We Change: Martin Fisher Foundation and Stiggy Launch Campaign to End HIV Stigma

The UK's Martin Fisher Foundation has produced a new set of videos about making HIV stigma history starring Stiggy, "the HIV stigmasaur."

By Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

What HIV Activists Can Learn From a Failed Faith Leaders Meeting With Trump

Tips for activists to prepare for high-level meetings, on the heels of news about black ministers meeting with Trump on prison reform.

By Marvell Terry

The Consequences of Our Elections: Why The Midterms Matter to People Living With HIV

There is plenty that you can do between now and the 2018 midterm elections to ensure that the voices of people living with and affected by HIV are heard.

By AIDS United

Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Rears Its Head in the Trump Administration: Here's What We Should Do to Stop It

The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to roll back the objectively successful, evidence-based sexual education and family planning programs implemented by the Obama administration.

By Drew Gibson

New Toolkit Supports Advocates in Using Media to Fight for HIV Justice

As people around the world living with HIV continue to be criminalized and convicted at alarming rates, HIV Justice Worldwide has released "Making Media Work for HIV Justice: An Introduction to Media Engagement for Advocates Opposing HIV Criminalizat...

By HIV Justice Network

U.S. Networks of People With HIV Oppose U.S. Location for 2020 International AIDS Conference

"We refuse to stand by while those most affected by HIV within and outside of the U.S. are, at best, excluded and, at worst, put in harm's way by holding the conference in San Francisco," a sign-on letter reads.

By JD Davids

In 2018, The HIV Community's Fight Continues and Intensifies

"Less than a week into the new year, it is clear that the same vigilance and energy we put into fighting for health and basic human rights of people living with or affected by HIV will be needed again in 2018."

By AIDS United

Now Is the Time for People With HIV to Run for Office

After the successful 2017 election of pro-choice and LGBT candidates in conservative districts, such as Doug Jones in Alabama, people with HIV should consider running for elected office in 2018, Drew Gibson argues.

By Drew Gibson

The Final Trumpcare Showdown: One Last Fight to Kill ACA Repeal

Today, the HIV community needs to stave off one more, even worse threat to health care coverage. Read how it will impact people living with HIV -- among tens of millions of others.

By Drew Gibson