Tivicay (Dolutegravir)

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Dovato Is a Newly Approved Two-Drug HIV Regimen. Do Fewer Drugs Mean a Lower-Cost HIV Treatment?

Advocates say the price is a step in the right direction. But does it go far enough?

By Tim Murphy

Overview of AIDS 2018

The Well Project provides a rundown of their own presentations at the International AIDS Conference as well as highlights from other presenters.

By Krista Martel, Jenna Conley and Sarah Denison-Johnston for The Well Project

Q&A on Dolutegravir Use in Women of Childbearing Age

Questions and answers on potential risk of neural tube defects in infants born to women who were taking dolutegravir (DTG) at the time of conception.

By World Health Organization

An Overview of Tivicay (Dolutegravir)

Brand Name: Tivicay Other Names: DTG, dolutegravir sodium Drug Class: Integrase Inhibitors

By AIDSinfo

Taking the Shine Off Tivicay

Tivicay is a mainstay of HIV treatment and the focus of simplified treatment studies due to its power and high drug resistance barrier; however, side effects concerns have recently been raised.

By Roger Pebody

Dolutegravir (Tivicay)

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What Is Dolutegravir? Who Should Take It? What Is Drug Resistance? How Is Dolutegravir Taken? What Are the Side Effects? How Does It React With Other Drugs? The Bottom Line

What Is Dolutegravir?

Dolutegravir (formerly...

By AIDS InfoNet

Two New HIV Drugs Win Recommendation as Official First-Line Treatment Options

Stribild, a once-daily, single-pill regimen, and Tivicay, a recently approved integrase inhibitor, are now officially on the list of "preferred" HIV medications in official U.S. HIV treatment guidelines.

By Myles Helfand