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HIV Treatment and Medical Care

Switching or Stopping HIV Treatment

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pharmacist reviews prescription with customer

Your Prescription Is Ready: Best Ways to Work With Your Pharmacist

Though they may not be top-of-mind when you think about your health, pharmacists are an important part of your HIV care team. Pharmacist Jennifer Cocohoba suggests some ways to make sure you're getting the most out of your pharmacy visits.

Blood samples

Is Your HIV Viral Load Normal?

An expert HIV doctor explains viral load testing, what "undetectable" and "unquantifiable" really mean, and how to make sense of your latest numbers.

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Personal Stories

I Moved Back to Atlanta from Boston, and I've Been Out of HIV Meds for a Month

HIV care is separate and unequal in America, health activist Mason writes, as "the system of care here feels no urgency around my survival."

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Break from medication

Is there a moment when one should be instructed by a medical officer to stop the medication especially when the viral load becomes undetectable?

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medication change, lab results

Hello doctor, I ve beed taken of tivikay truvada an put to tivikay combivir for a month due to a supply issue. I switched back . However my 6 month vl and cd4 count should be done next month. Should I wait for longer until the body readjusts. How dan...

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positive and consent

hi please help would like to know if its safe to take accutane while taking arv meds

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Switching back and forth between Kaletra + Truvada combo and Genvoya?

Is it ok to switch back and forth between Kaletra + Truvada combo and Genvoya? I have just been put on Genvoya, yet still have a stash of Kaletra + Truvada, is it ok/safe for me to use up this stash once on Genvoya should I run out of the medication ...

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Antiretrovirals and non detection

Can an antiretroviral drug work to bring you an undetectable level in a weeks time?

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Is it better to take Genvoya at night or in the morning? About to start treatment.

Q&A: Ask the Experts

LTNP - Starting Treatment

Hello Dr Holodniy, I have been HIV positive for 18 years, and I am a LTNP, treatment naive. I swim regularly, but have developed AF and have a pacemaker. My labs are as follows. My question is - should I now be starting treatment? And what is recomme...