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Young Queer Men Share Their Thoughts on Starting HIV Treatment

Seven men offer their perspectives on testing positive and deciding to start treatment in order to fight against stigma and discrimination, as well as to give those who will later test positive some understanding of what it’s like to be on treatment an…

Living Well With HIV: Tips for Living Healthier and Smarter, Whether You're Newly Diagnosed or Not Img

Living Well With HIV: Tips for Living Healthier and Smarter, Whether You're Newly Diagnosed or Not

Not everyone is able to start treatment right away. Peter Shalit, M.D., Ph.D., anwers some questions you might consider before making the commitment to starting treatment.

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lamivudine together with efavirenz

Hello doctor Young. I've been on antiretroviral therapy for seven months. I take tenofovir 300mg and lamivudine 150mg together at 8 am, then lamivudine 150mg at 8pm and efavirenz 600mg at 9pm. I never had adverse effects. In july, my viral load was 5...

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Hi, I am starting to have problem with depression. I been HIV positive since 2005. I'm undetective with 800 T cells. I take atripla. It has been doing me wonders since I been on it. I'm afraid to tell my doctor because he might put me on antidepress...

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Please advice (diagnosed with HIV and pneumonia)

I am 29 years old, and i been admitted last may 2017 in pneumonia and the doctor advice me to have a lab for HIV and got show on it that i am positive for HIV and a reactive in hepa b, and now i was taken for medication for almost 2 months i take it ...

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Is it safe to switch from Nevirapin to Eflavirenz

Hi doctor Young: I've been living with HIV for 5 years. Undetectable. CD4 is above 500. I receive free medication from the district medical center and when I started ARV 5 years ago, I was given Tenofovir, Lamivudin and Nevirapin. I have to take the...

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chosing the best available regimen

I ALWAYS like to be on the best latest regimen.,,, ( lucky to have insurance that pays ok) Doing well on triumeq... ( <20 cd4 780 37%, stable for many years) Started d4t/zerit/viracept in 1995? made changes as times changed, .. atripla. stribild, tiv...

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I was tested hiv+ in feb 2013 and refused arv because of terrible side effects. I have lost 15kg but remained healthy all that time.My concern is whereas,am now 61yrs,I look like 75yrs on my face though am still strong and active. Does hiv accellarat...

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Atripla availability in Nicaragua

Back in 2013 you were asked about the availability of Atripla in Nicaragua. Do you have any new information on the subject? I plan to move to the country; I have been on Atripla since being diagnosed 3 years ago. Thank you Doctor!

Q&A: Ask the Experts

How safe is my meds long term

I have been on truvada and isenntress for nine years should i remain on them or should i change to one pill regimen