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Hi i ve been undetectable hiv positive patient for 3 years. last week my doctor switched my med to genvoya from stribild is there a chance of increasing viral load during this exchange process Thank you

Q&A: Ask the Experts

once daily dosing of isentress

Hello Dr. I know Isentress is available for once-daily dosing. This new dosage is two 600-mg tablets taken once a day. I am currently on 400 mg tablets taken twice a day. Although it would be easier to take a medication just once a day, wouldn't I be...

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Hello Im Planning to Go back to Philippines for good, Im on ATRIPLA Now.. Is ATRIPLA is Now Available in the Philippines? if not what are my options . Thank you in advance,

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Rash from septrin or genovya

Recently diagnosed and tested with cd4 121, started septrin about two weeks ago and then 4 days later genovya. After 12 days I broke out in a red rash, hive like, that is itchy moves around my entire body plus low grade fever. Do you have a suggestio...

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Switching back to Atripla

Hello Doctor, Would it be strange or unreasonable to ask to switch back to Atripla from Triumeq? I was on Atripla for 3 years with no bothersome side affects, but we decided to switch to Triumeq in the hopes that it might boost my CD4 which was stuck...

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Should We Expect our Meds to Eventually Stop Working?

Hello Dr. Young: I've been taking Atripla since October 2006. It has been my first and only antiretroviral and I'm quite pleased with it. With the exception of two small VL blips under 100 over the last 11 years, I've always remained undetectable. I...

HIV Treatment Overview Img

HIV Treatment Overview

HIV treatment can keep you healthy for many years, and greatly reduces your chance of transmitting HIV to your partner(s) if taken consistently and correctly.

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Slow CD4 Growth Dispite Viral Supression with Genvoya

2015Oct14 cd4: 124, 12%. VL: 162,000, start Stribild, 44 years old 2015Nov12: cd4 171 16%, vload ud 2016Feb16 CD4: 380, vload <40, 16% Switch to Genvoya 2016Jun23 cd4: 353 20% VL: ud 2016Oct25 cd4 381 VL ud 20% 2017Apr11 CD4: 430, VL ud 22% 2017OCT06...

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Juluca approval

Hi dr young, a new single pill drug called juluca has just been approved. It consists of doluegravir and rilpivirine. Any idea how this is more superior than doluegravir and truvada in terms of toxicity? Thank you.

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Please answer it is urgent!!

I was diagnosed with acute HIV-1 infection in May 2017. My viral load was 10 million and my CD4 was 160. I started treatment with Genvoya and after five months of treatment, my viral load dropped to 99 copies and that of my partner to 220. My Cd4 ...