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Young Queer Men Share Their Thoughts on Starting HIV Treatment

Seven men offer their perspectives on testing positive and deciding to start treatment in order to fight against stigma and discrimination, as well as to give those who will later test positive some understanding of what it’s like to be on treatment an…

By George M. Johnson

Leave Your Problems on the Dancefloor: A Four-Year Journey From Diagnosis to HIV Care

"When we talk about HIV testing and treatment, it isn't always as simple as just telling people to get tested or into care," writes Richard Wolitski, Ph.D.

By Richard Wolitski, Ph.D. for

A Lifelong Journey With HIV is Easier Without the Extra Baggage

Getting tested is only the beginning -- for people who test positive, it is (or should be) the entry point into HIV care and treatment. For those who test negative, it's part of an ongoing process of staying that way.

By Richard Wolitski, Ph.D. for

Starting HIV Meds: Community Members Recall Their First Dose

Members of’s community have shared their “first pill” stories so others starting or considering meds would know, no matter what their feelings, they are not alone.

By Olivia G. Ford

Dumbing Down HIV Treatment Hurts Everybody

There is so much faulty information on what being on treatment means and when to start that it is hurting us all. But there are solutions that can successfully balance patient rights with the benefits of starting treatment early.

By Bob Leahy for

Starting HIV Medications: Preparing for a Lifesaving Challenge

Taking HIV medications, for now at least, remains a lifelong commitment. Like any significant relationship there are ups and downs, easier times and more difficult ones -- and complications as well as benefits.

By David Fawcett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.

The Mental Challenge of Taking My First HIV Med

"For me, my first pills were psychologically challenging. I did not believe that these pills would save me, but that they would damage me. This is primarily due to the fact that I am somewhat against taking prescription drugs when at all possible."...

By Jason Quisenberry

My First Pill: Starting HIV Treatment for the First Time

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Share Your StoriesMy First Pill: Starting HIV Treatment for the First TimeAbout This Series: Whether it was AZT or Atripla, the 1980s or the 2010s, a person living with HIV who is on treatment always remembers his or ...

Why You Might Not Want to Start HIV Medications: A Blog Entry by Aaron Laxton

"I do not take medications out of a sense of obligation to society. I do not take medications in order to reduce the transmission of the virus. I chose to take medications for myself."

By Aaron Laxton

An Unexpected Twist After Taking My First HIV Meds

Before taking my first pill, I had mentally defeated myself into believing that I was just delaying the inevitable. After hours of fighting I managed to take my medicine.

By John Poole