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Losing My Religion: He Lost His Church, but Joshua Stovall Found His Faith

Growing up in his father's church, Joshua Stovall had a religious upbringing. But it wasn't until he became HIV-positive that he discovered the real meaning of faith.

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware

Angels in Arkansas: My 15-Year AIDS-versary

"I hate this!" Charles Sanchez pouted, as he sat helplessly on the floor of his hospital room. "I feel so pathetic. Christ!" The nurse, Anthony, cooed comfortingly: "I know, honey. Just let it out, darlin'."

By Charles Sanchez

Breaking the Silence: Talking About HIV in Jewish Communities

"Issues of health and wellness, relationship and community, comfort and protection are central to the discourse within any faith community," says Rabbi David Dunn Bauer, who shared his HIV status with his congregation in 2015. "Silence means we aren...

By Rabbi David Dunn Bauer

With HIV, It's Easy to Impose Beliefs on Others Instead of Offering Compassion, Care and Inclusion: A Blog Entry by Harold R. "Scottie" Scott

"I have found through my own experience that religious groups have failed to offer compassion, care and inclusion to those of us living with HIV/AIDS," Harold Scott writes.

By Harold R. Scottie Scott

Woman With HIV Uses Faith to Heal the Past

From the outside, Rev. Andrena Ingram's childhood looked charmed -- an attentive, stay-at-home mother, a father, a nice home in Queens, NY. But on the inside, Ingram recalls feeling strange.

By Althea Fung

Waheedah Shabazz-El Finds Spiritual Freedom as a Muslim Woman With HIV

"This is spiritual work, and I feel as if I am spiritually guided," explains Shabazz-El of the U.S. Positive Women's Network (PWN). "My story is one where God has purposely placed people in my life."

By Kellee Terrell

Fighting HIV Stigma Through Support Groups, Friendship: A Blog Entry by Rev. Andrena Ingram

"It was somewhat of a surprise as I sat in the quiet of the fellowship hall, hoping for an HIV support group to appear, that Ernest would appear instead to be my support," Rev. Ingram writes.

By Rev. Andrena Ingram

A Lost Gem: Victor Pond

In the light of the death of Victor Pond, a loved one writes about the danger of HIV denialist rhetoric.

By Verania Kenton for AIDS Community Research Initiative of America

A United Methodist Pastor and His Wife Help Open Minds About HIV

High school sweeties, Andy and Christy James, reconnected after 30 years, set an example for the faith-based community as they ride in memory of a friend lost to AIDS.

By David Durán

Nurturing Your Spirit

Aging with HIV can put a lot of strain on your body, but what about your soul -- that which makes your life worth living? Charlene Arcila has a treatment plan for your happiness.

By Positively Aware