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Blessed Be the Bottom: How to Make Anal Sex Safe and Pleasurable

Bottoming expert Mason offers a guide for the anally receptive, to enhance your -- and your top's -- safety, comfort, and pleasure.

By Mason

I Found Love (and Love of Self) After HIV, and You Can Too

In his first time writing publicly about his HIV status, Aaron Anderson details how he learned to love after being diagnosed with HIV.

By Aaron Anderson

R. Kelly, Sexual Predators, and HIV in a Society Where Black Girls Don't Matter

The Lifetime documentary 'Surviving R. Kelly' has helped highlight how sexual assault impacts young black girls and teens. Evany Turk explains how ending rape culture is essential to ending the HIV epidemic.

By Evany Turk

Intergenerational Jealousy and Serodiscordant Black Gay Romance: Creators of Daddyhunt's Season 3 Serial Spill the T

We chatted about all the new developments with principal storyline creators Casey Crawford, Daddyhunt's general manager, and Dan Wohlfeiler, cofounder of Building Healthy Online Communities.

By Tim Murphy

Love Positive Women: Why a Fulfilling Sexual Life With HIV Matters

Although most attention is paid to preventing the transmission of HIV to intimate partners, women's sexual concerns go far beyond condom use.

By Allison Carter, Angela Kaida and Jessica Whitbread for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

My Take on the Violence

"We wish to teach our children to stand up, to fight, to advocate for themselves," Angel S. writes on the Day of Action to End Violence Against Women Living With HIV. "Then the reality of what you're up against becomes very real."

By Angel S. for Positive Women's Network of the United States of America (PWN-USA)

Beyond Our Comfort Zone: The Importance of Serving Survivors of Domestic Violence Living With HIV

"Only together can the domestic violence and HIV fields better assist survivors living with HIV, providing a path to leave violent abusers and offering a link to essential care," writes Ashley Slye of the National Network to End Domestic Violence....

By Ashley Slye for Positive Women's Network of the United States of America (PWN-USA)

Discovering Your Sexual Personality in a New Era of HIV

Psychotherapist Justin Natoli explains how fears from the past may be standing in the way of sexual authenticity today.

By Justin Natoli, J.D., L.M.F.T. for BETA

Having a Healthy Sex Life and Healthy Family

Watch five men living with HIV discuss what it means to have a healthy sex life -- and the possibility of having children. Plus, get providers' tips on care, disclosure and safer conception and birth control.


HIV Positive for HIV Positive (or HIV Negative, Too)

After first seroconverting, for many reasons, Josh Kruger serosorted -- he only had sex with other positive guys. Since then, his attitude has changed.

By Josh Kruger