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two women talking, focus on hands

Talking About Sex and STIs With My Nigerian Parents

A young person confronts shame and silence to reclaim their sexuality, with or without their family's support.

Man painting rainbow flag on his hand

HIV Positive People Are Part of Pride, Too!

As a gay man with HIV in South Africa, Wiseman T. Zondi writes, "I realized that to truly be free, I had to come out once again."

Gay pride flag waving against sky

What Being Diagnosed With HIV During LGBTQ Pride Month Taught Me About Resilience

Christopher Kennedy tells his story of being diagnosed with HIV, fighting shame in the face of loved ones' confusion, and finding unexpected love.

Portrait of Charles Sanchez on rainbow glitter background

Twinkletoes, Sex, and Abomination: Finding My Pride

Charles Sanchez tells his story of coming of age and coming out.

Aaron Anderson with Claire Gasamagera and their son Calvin.

I Found Love (and Love of Self) After HIV, and You Can Too

In his first time writing publicly about his HIV status, Aaron Anderson details how he learned to love after being diagnosed with HIV.

A protestor demonstrates near R. Kelly's studio in Chicago on Jan. 9.

R. Kelly, Sexual Predators, and HIV in a Society Where Black Girls Don't Matter

The Lifetime documentary 'Surviving R. Kelly' has helped highlight how sexual assault impacts young black girls and teens. Evany Turk explains how ending rape culture is essential to ending the HIV epidemic.

Brandon and Daniel

This 'Magnetic Couple' Runs to End Stigma

"We have been together for more than a year as a magnetic couple, (one positive and one negative). We are honored to share our story with the world while both running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, raising money to end the HIV epidemic and to ...

And Then, I Was a Single HIV-Positive Mother Img

And Then, I Was a Single HIV-Positive Mother

"You cannot work on something that never existed," Brooke Davidoff writes. "You cannot give a dead marriage CPR and wake up one day to a miracle."

Aunsha Hall-Everett and Michael Everett with daughter Jadenna Monae Elizabeth

Modern Family

Two same gender loving men in a serodifferent marriage start a family of their own.

Even When Criminalization Isn't a Threat, Abusers Still Use HIV as a Tool of Control and Coercion Img

Even When Criminalization Isn't a Threat, Abusers Still Use HIV as a Tool of Control and Coercion

Women living with HIV are nearly twice as likely to experience intimate partner violence than women living without HIV. One reason? The continuing shame and stigma of being HIV positive.