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Mixed-Status Couples

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When Only One of You Doesn't Test Poz

Illustration by Carlos N. Molina

There's a new kind of "mixed marriage." It requires some new ways of coping with a virus.

Gay couples have faced the specter of HIV for two decades, and we've pretty much done well. We've risen above the terror of f...

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One Positive, One Negative: Both Happy

One Positive, One Negative: Both HappyThe technical name is "serodiscordant" relationship. The term many people prefer is "magnetic" -- one HIV-positive partner, one HIV-negative partner. Either way, it's a unique relationship, with special blessings...

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The SMART Couples Project: Factsheet

The Study | The Sponsors | The Interviews | The Program | Eligibility | Scheduling | Contacting the SMART Couples ProjectThe StudyThe SMART Couples Project is a confidential research study for heterosexual, gay, and lesbian couples in which one partn...

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Losing Your Husband to AIDS

Ten years ago, my husband died of AIDS. Since his death, the pain of loss has changed into a feeling of thankfulness for our time together. Now it is difficult for me to remember when my days were filled with grief. But I don't think I'll ever forget...

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Mixed-HIV Status Couples: Navigating the Challenges of Everyday Life

Two hours north of Manhattan in a rural area of the Hudson Valley, Cindy Reide and her husband Luis Martinez lead a daily existence similar in most ways to those of their neighbors and friends. "We have a happy life. We have checkbook problems. My ca...

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Magnetic Marriages: When Positive and Negative Attract

When John Sheridan tested HIV-positive while living in Spain in 1986, his doctors told him he'd be dead in six months. Deciding that medical care would be better in New York, John decided to move back to the city that was still home to Bruce Coleman,...

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Couples Study in Haiti Shows Reduction in Heterosexual HIV Transmission

A study in Haiti of "discordant" heterosexual couples -- those in which one partner is HIV-infected and the other uninfected -- found that almost half of sexually active couples receiving counseling and free condoms adopted safe sex practices (either...