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What's Love Got to Do With It? The Emotional Side of Serodiscordant Relationships

"I have a question for you, Keith," Roxanne interjected as we were concluding our interview on serodiscordant relationships (see When Opposites Attract, March/April issue). "Is it love? When someone who is HIV-negative decides to get involved or ha...

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When Opposites Attract: Stories From Mixed-Status Couples

Note: All names have been changed.

Alex's HIV status didn't affect Robin's decision to marry him. She loved him and, for her, that was all that mattered.

They talked extensively with doctors and numerous health educators about the risks involved ...

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Dating, Youth and HIV: From Both Sides

Dating is hard enough at 16. But when you factor in HIV, you instantly shift from the innocence of sneaking a kiss in the hallway between classes to serious matters that most grown ups aren't even ready to deal with. There are lots of young people, h...

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Magnetic Couples

When positive and negative attract, HIV often takes a backseat to that crazy little thing called love. Four couples tell all about negotiating the serodivergent terrain.

Introduction Minneh and Ryan Brian and Neal Gary and David Sue and Jeff...

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The Disclosure Dilemma: Telling Your Family Your Partner Has HIV

My boyfriend and I have been dating around three months and we have decided to move in with each other. He told me he was HIV-positive right from the start, and has been on disability for a while now. My boyfriend indicates no signs of getting sick...

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Tell and Kiss: Dating and Disclosure

The biggest and first hurdle you will encounter when you are positive and dating is how people will react when they find out the news. Disclosure can play itself out in a variety of ways. You can share your status before you meet your date in perso...

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"By the Way, I'm Poz"

How do you tell someone that you are dating that you are HIV-positive? It's not an easy thing to do, by any standard. I've discovered that the longer one waits to disclose their status, the harder it becomes. No one wants to be judged on and discarde...

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There's a Lid for Every Pot

Dear Readers,

Recently, my partner escorted me to a TV interview that I was giving about Body Positive. Before the interview began, David and I had a chance to talk with the host of the show whom we took to immediately. The host was witty, smart, an...

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Serodiscordant Relationships

"Serodiscordant couples raise the thorniest set of issues, because they must face major concerns about both transmission and care-giving."

What Is a Serodiscordant Relationship?

A serodiscordant couple is made up of one person who is HIV negative a...

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Paula Peterson and Griff Butler

Paula Peterson and Griff Butler, with Ben

Paula Peterson Four Years Later Griff Butler

Paula Peterson

When I first learned that I had full-blown AIDS, I thought I was going to die the next day. I felt like my future had been cut off. That was ...