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Conceiving a Child While HIV Positive: A Video Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright Img

Conceiving a Child While HIV Positive: A Video Blog Entry by Jermaine Wright

"We rarely hear about men conceiving while HIV positive," Jermaine Wright observes in his latest video blog. Yet Wright's fourth daughter was born in August; she's the first child he fathered since being diagnosed with HIV. In this entry, Wright walk...

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A Decade of Positive Faces: Brian Huskins

How would you describe your health?

Good. My greatest challenge is managing my asthma.

Are you experiencing any specific issues around HIV or your treatment?

I have always been very compliant and experienced minimal issues with HIV treatment. It i...

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A Killer Sex Drive? A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

We had sex; not a big deal. We're married. We're supposed to have sex. It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last time.

But he wasn't supposed to get sick the day after. He was throwing up and had a fever that came out of nowhere.

Was it bec...

What They Say Is True: You Do Have to Go There to Come Back -- A Blog Entry by Magnetic Mama Img

What They Say Is True: You Do Have to Go There to Come Back -- A Blog Entry by Magnetic Mama

Magnetic Mama's back from her eight-month trip around the world -- and for the first time since her husband's HIV diagnosis, the virus no longer rules her life. "Finally, HIV -- who had been the ever-present mistress in our lives -- has been demoted ...

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A "Negative" Outlook: Dr. Steve Natterstad Shares Secrets to a Successful Magnetic Relationship

You could say that Dr. Steven Natterstad is one half of the most famous "magnetic couple" on His partner of nearly 17 years, popular blogger Dr. Bob Frascino, is known among readers of his Safe Sex and HIV Prevention forum for his missiv...

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In Sickness and in Health: Magnetic Marriage -- A Blog Entry by Bob Frascino, M.D.

June weddings are an American tradition. Well at least for those who are legally allowed to marry, like Rush Limbaugh, for instance. The spokesperson for family values just this week consummated marriage no. 4 to a woman barely half his age.


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Intro to Me: A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

I am a straight woman. I have never tried IV drugs. I've only slept with guys who were my friends, thinking that would save me somehow from the dirty outside world. Apparently I was wrong. It doesn't matter who you sleep with or what they look like. ...

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Will Your Next Viral Load Be as Undetectable as the Last? Study Says: Probably

If your past several viral load test results have been undetectable, there's about a 95 percent chance that your next one will be, too, according to a large Swiss study published in the May 6 issue of HIV Medicine, the official journal of the British...

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A Personal Story

I was asked to write a biography for a social group where I am a member. I chose instead to write or reveal a portion of my life because this is where I am now today. I can tell you about my work history, my politics, my beliefs, and many other thi...

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Rejected Because of Your HIV Status?

Recently, my partner of four years ended our relationship citing my HIV-positive status as the main reason for the break up. He said he had been suppressing his discomfort with my HIV status and finally realized it was a problem. For a short while, I...