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age gap couple

Why Are We So Obsessed With Age Gaps in Relationships?

We’re really quick, even in 2021, to denote these relationships as “weird” or “creepy,” when they’re actually just about humans being humans.

By Gigi Engle
complex relationship

Why It’s OK to Question Your Sexuality Throughout Your Life

Humans are changing and growing all the time—why would our sexuality be any different?

By Gigi Engle

5 Steps to Getting What You Want in Bed

Having better sex isn’t as complex as you think it is. A sex coach explains how you can get the pleasure you want—tonight.

By Gigi Engle

What Is Fluid Bonding and How Can You Make It a Part of Your Sex Life?

Everything you didn’t know you needed to know about sharing sexual fluids in a safe way.

By Gigi Engle

Orgasms Can Help With Anxiety — Here’s How

Orgasms are good for your mental health. Seriously.

By Gigi Engle
eating cherries

How Nutrition Affects Your Sexual Health

It really matters what you put in your mouth. wink wink

By Gigi Engle

Comprehensive Sex Education Could Curb Everyone’s Trauma Around Sex

Harm reduction starts in the classroom and at home.

By Gigi Engle

How to Know If There’s a Power Imbalance in Your Relationship

Power is never entirely equally shared between partners, but inequity becomes relationship kryptonite when left unchecked.

By Gigi Engle

How Kink Can Be Used to Help Your Mental Health

Kink is more than whips and chains for some of the people who are into it. It can be a tool for healing.

By Gigi Engle
sex shame

Why We Feel Shame After We Orgasm

The release of all that orgasmic energy doesn’t always make us feel amazing in the minutes after sex. In fact, it can make us feel depleted, sad, or lonely.

By Gigi Engle