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How Kink Can Be Used to Help Your Mental Health

Kink is more than whips and chains for some of the people who are into it. It can be a tool for healing.

By Gigi Engle
sex shame

Why We Feel Shame After We Orgasm

The release of all that orgasmic energy doesn’t always make us feel amazing in the minutes after sex. In fact, it can make us feel depleted, sad, or lonely.

By Gigi Engle

Why Mutual Masturbation Should Be on Your Valentine’s Day Sex Menu

Honey, when it’s done with enthusiasm, masturbation isn’t a snack—it’s a whole meal.

By Gigi Engle
man putting on mask

I Got the COVID Vaccine! Now Can I Go Back to Normal? (The Short Answer Is No.)

We still don’t know if the vaccines prevent transmission, so until we do, the masking and social distancing must continue. Sorry!

By Tim Murphy
men eating bananas

A Queer Dietitian’s Guide to Eating for Anal Sex

Anal sex is just as much about what happens before it as what happens during it. To that end, keeping a healthy diet can make the act go much more swimmingly.

By Bobby Box

This Health Care Provider Is Using TikTok to Teach Young Adults About Sexual Health

“I really believe that we can totally stop all new [HIV] infections in our lifetime,” says Natalie L. Wilson, Ph.D., D.N.P.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Lucha Libre cuddles

Why Are We So Obsessed With Taboo Sex?

We often find the erotic in what we’re not “supposed” to want. Is there a science to the forbidden?

By Gigi Engle
talking in bed

How Couples Can Give Their Sex Life an Annual Review

Keep your relationship healthy by evaluating what you’re not talking about and how you can make your sex life even better.

By Gigi Engle
balloon nozzle

Rear Perfection: How to Care for Your Bum After Anal Intercourse

Preparation before bottoming is key, but your booty hole will thank you for taking good care of it afterward, too.

By Bobby Box
online sex

As the World Re-Opens, Sex Workers Must Decide for Themselves When It’s Safe to Return to Work

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, sex workers have found their options narrowing.

By Bobby Box