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Why Are We So Obsessed With Taboo Sex?

We often find the erotic in what we’re not “supposed” to want. Is there a science to the forbidden?

By Gigi Engle
talking in bed

How Couples Can Give Their Sex Life an Annual Review

Keep your relationship healthy by evaluating what you’re not talking about and how you can make your sex life even better.

By Gigi Engle
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Rear Perfection: How to Care for Your Bum After Anal Intercourse

Preparation before bottoming is key, but your booty hole will thank you for taking good care of it afterward, too.

By Bobby Box
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As the World Re-Opens, Sex Workers Must Decide for Themselves When It’s Safe to Return to Work

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, sex workers have found their options narrowing.

By Bobby Box

Processing an HIV Diagnosis Mirrors the Five Stages of Grief

Successfully navigating through these stages during one’s HIV diagnosis requires information, communication, emotional support, guidance, and direction.

By Juan Michael Porter II
sexual trauma

Trauma Could Be Affecting Your Sex Life

Trauma can live inside our bodies, infiltrating nearly every aspect of our lives. You are not alone.

By Gigi Engle
Jerry Falwell Jr

Jerry Falwell Jr. Allegedly Likes to Watch. He’s Not Alone.

Watching your partner have sex with someone else is often called “cuckolding” or “hotwifing.” But it’s not just for straight men. And, say experts, it’s perfectly healthy.

By Tim Murphy
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How Gendered Sex Ed Damages Everyone

What we teach young people about puberty and sex sets everyone up to fail.

By Gigi Engle

He’s Older. He’s More Powerful. But Does That Mean I’m Being Exploited?

Amid controversial allegations against congressional candidate Alex Morse, some gay guys say that age differentials only matter if the senior partner holds direct power over the junior.

By Tim Murphy
ass of stone

I Got My Ass Stoned to Ease the Discomfort of Anal Sex

CBD suppositories can help eliminate anal pain for receptive partners—without numbness, which can mask problems.

By Bobby Box