Living Well With HIV

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Aaron Anderson with Claire Gasamagera and their son Calvin.
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I Found Love (and Love of Self) After HIV, and You Can Too

In his first time writing publicly about his HIV status, Aaron Anderson details how he learned to love after being diagnosed with HIV.

By Aaron Anderson

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What an Older Queer Man Wants in the Dating Pool

“I am not paying for everything because I am trying to buy you off, but because I want a fulfilling experience—and I don’t allot time to go back and forth on what someone can afford.”

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5 Steps to Getting What You Want in Bed

Having better sex isn’t as complex as you think it is. A sex coach explains how you can get the pleasure you want—tonight.

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What Is Fluid Bonding and How Can You Make It a Part of Your Sex Life?

Everything you didn’t know you needed to know about sharing sexual fluids in a safe way.

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Orgasms Can Help With Anxiety — Here’s How

Orgasms are good for your mental health. Seriously.

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SisterReach Makes HIV Support Accessible to Black Women

Founded in 2011, SisterReach is a nonprofit that supports the reproductive autonomy of women and teens of color, poor and rural women, LGBTQIA+ people, and their families through reproductive justice, a public health movement that champions culturally competent and trauma-informed medical care.

By Ciarra Jones

Pro Bottoms Offer Their Best Tips for Your Butthole

We reached out to some of the industry’s most talented asses for their tips on taking your anal talents to impressive new heights.

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How Nutrition Affects Your Sexual Health

It really matters what you put in your mouth. wink wink

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Comprehensive Sex Education Could Curb Everyone’s Trauma Around Sex

Harm reduction starts in the classroom and at home.

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How Strengthening the Pelvic Floor Can Improve Sex, Regardless of What Genitals You Have

A strong pelvic floor can help with everything from bladder control to stronger orgasms.

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The National Failure on Sexual Health Education Fuels HIV Transmissions

A veteran teacher makes the case for educating youth about sexual health.

By Alejandro Acosta