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BLM activist

Why the Chauvin Verdict Helped Me Feel Heard

“I feel there is an open door right now. ... I’d like to think that our fallen predecessors have created a lane for us to use and exhibit our due diligence for the next generation.”

By Candis Y. McDow
harm reduction

Criminalizing Drug Use Isn't Good Public Health. Safe Supply Offers an Alternative.

Canada is saving lives by cutting out the toxic drug supply that has dramatically increased overdoses—and providing drugs directly through health care services.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Mr E for HOPWA story

The Fight for More HOPWA Funding Is on in 2021

The program currently serves only a fraction of all low-income folks with HIV who are eligible for housing. Can advocates pull off a game-changer this year?

By Tim Murphy
autotest VIH (HIV self-test), available in Europe

HIV Self-Testing Improves Care Among Queer Men

Cedric Bien-Gund, M.D., explains how at-home HIV self-testing, while improving options for gay and bisexual men, also makes it more likely they’ll be connected to care and preventative services.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Ivy Arce a Chinese-American living with HIV

Amid Hate Crimes, Asians and Pacific Islanders in HIV Say Relatively Low Numbers Shouldn’t Equal Invisibility

Asians and Pacific Islanders are often erased when it comes to HIV prevention, making these communities unable to share in the overall progress made in fighting HIV nationwide.

By Tim Murphy
vaccine COVID-19 Navajo tribe

To Keep Indigenous Communities Safe, We Need to Broaden COVID-19 Vaccine Access

Indigenous people have the highest mortality rates from COVID-19 and HIV among all racial and ethnic groups in the country. When paired with illicit drug use, that vulnerability explodes.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Jesse Milan

The Racial Justice Index Will Investigate Whether HIV Agencies Really Walk the Equity Walk

AIDS United and Black AIDS Institute will ask organizations to answer a survey measuring how much their leadership and board look like the people they serve.

By Tim Murphy
Breonna Taylor's mother

Honoring Breonna Taylor Means Recognizing the Harm of the War on Drugs

Since Taylor’s death just over a year ago, Drug Policy Alliance has compiled an interactive timeline of what happened the night she was killed, with key points about the history of laws that enabled those actions to take place.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Demetre Daskalakis

Demetre Daskalakis on Leading HIV Prevention Efforts at the CDC

The former deputy commissioner for New York City’s department of health is ready to take on HIV prevention at a national level.

By Charles Sanchez
Deja Abdul-Haqq

The Particular Struggle of the Fight Against HIV in a Deep Red State

No expanded Medicaid. Awful sex ed. Criminalization laws. And poor PrEP access. But folks are making do—and taking part in systemic political change where they can.

By Tim Murphy