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First Kidney Transplant From Donor Living With HIV Challenges Longstanding Stigma

"Society perceives me and people like me as people who bring death," said Nina Martinez, the first HIV-positive organ donor. "And I can't figure out any better way to show that people like me can bring life."

By Martha Kempner

Why Did We Immediately Panic Over Ebola but Not HIV?

What are the similarities between Ebola hysteria and early AIDS hysteria? The answer is complicated and infuriating, says Josh Kruger.

By Josh Kruger

Fighting for Lamont: The Battle for Transplants for People With HIV

Lamont Valentin was denied a lung transplant because of his HIV status. And ACT UP is going to do something about it.

By Stephen Helmke for AIDS Community Research Initiative of America

Lamont's Legacy: A Personal Perspective

Lamont Valentin was denied a lung transplant because of his HIV status, and his widow speaks out against these unjust practices in this op-ed.

By Lan-Anh Nguyen-Valentin for AIDS Community Research Initiative of America

"I'm Not Fighting for My Life, I'm Fighting for the Lives of All People" -- Lamont Valentin

Lamont Valentin, a 29-year-old HIV-positive man, died on Dec. 3rd on a New York City bus. He might still be alive today were it not for a discriminatory, outdated medical practice.

By Visual AIDS

HIV Organ Donation Bill Passes House Committee

The HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act (H.R. 698; S. 330) was passed yesterday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The Senate passed the bill unanimously in June, and the bill's many supporters are now looking for the bill to be brought to th...

By AIDS United

HOPE Act Paves Way for Lifting Ban Against HIV-Positive Organ Donations

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed the HOPE Act, legislation that would end the federal ban on research into organ donations from HIV-positive donors to HIV-positive recipients. The HOPE Act, which stands for HIV Organ Policy Equity Act, would pave t...

By Sunny Bjerk for Housing Works

Lifting Ban on HIV Organ Donating -- A Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

"The HOPE Act would instruct the Department of Health and Human Service to make up a strategy about transplanting HIV-positive organs into HIV-positive recipients. This could save over 1,000 lives."

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

Can I Get A Witness! Authentic Voices Tell the Story of Neuropathy: A Blog Entry by Dave R.

"[T]here's no substitute for hearing people tell their own stories. This post is given over to some of the men and women with both HIV and neuropathy who have opened their hearts on forums and in blogs across the Net."

By Dave R.

Taiwan University Hospital: Five Recipients of HIV-Positive Organs Test HIV-Negative

On Thursday, Taiwan University Hospital reported that five transplant patients who mistakenly received organs from a deceased HIV-positive donor continue to test HIV-negative. Medical staff started the organ recipients on HIV prophylaxis a day after ...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network