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What Is an Opportunistic Infection?

Key PointsOpportunistic infections (OIs) are infections that occur more often or are more severe in people with weakened immune systems than in people with healthy immune systems. People with weakened immune systems include people living with HIV or ...

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Does HIV Cause Black Spots?

Black spots on your skin or elsewhere on your body are not a sign of recent HIV infection.

A range of dermatological conditions may cause black spots. You should see a dermatologist in order to find out the cause of any spots you may have.

Dark spo...

Can I Scrape Thrush Off My Tongue?

Scraping curd-like white lesions on the tongue may help a healthcare professional diagnose the cause of the lesions. When they are caused by thrush (candidiasis) they may come off temporarily, but the tongue may bleed.

Scraping helps a healthcare pr...

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Fungal Infections

Read about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of different fungal infections, including candidiasis, cryptococcus, histoplasmosis, and more.

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Caring for a Woman's Body: What Every HIV-Positive Woman Should Know About the Care and Prevention of GYN Problems

"For women living with HIV, there are many aspects to staying healthy. You're off to a good start if you take your medications on schedule, eat well, and get regular exercise. But to take care of your whole body, you need to get regular gynecologic (...

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Candidiasis (Thrush)

What Is Thrush? Can It Be Prevented? How Is It Treated? Natural Therapies The Bottom Line

What Is Thrush?

Candidiasis is a common opportunistic infection in people with HIV. It is an infection caused by a common type of yeast (or fungus) ...

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Systemic Candidiasis and HIV Disease

Candidiasis is an infection with the fungus called Candida. It's among the most common conditions seen in people with HIV, and often the first illness and sign that HIV disease is progressing to a more severe stage. Outbreaks can be frequent, cause g...

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