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The Cranky Queer's Guide to Chronic Illness

"We've got a lot to talk about; we can help each other through," JD Davids writes.

By JD Davids

Rosacea: My Story -- A Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

After dealing with the physical and emotional consequences of suffering from the skin condition for five years, Justin B. Terry-Smith thinks he might have finally found a solution.

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

When It Comes to Meds, You Don't Know What Will Work

For Louis, a switch in his HIV meds was all he needed to get rid of those pesky side effects and feel like he did "before AIDS messed me up."

By Louis Buchold

Are Side Effects the Price to Pay for Having HIV?

Have you ever felt depression as a side effect from HIV medication? Did you ever feel that you deserved the depression? One PLWHA discusses his experience here.

By Cliff

Barry Haarde Bikes Across U.S. -- All While Living With HIV and Hemophilia

Born with hemophilia in 1965, Barry Haarde is part of a generation of hemophiliacs who contracted HIV and hepatitis C from blood supplies in the 1980s. For the past few years, in order to fight the stigma and show the capabilities of people living wi...

By Mathew Rodriguez

Looking at the Bright Side in the Face of Overwhelming Side Effects From HIV Meds

"Ten years later, and I'm still here to tell the tale, but it has been a hard road at times! Rory writes. "I never want to burden people with my woes, so I always put a brave face on and hide behind a mask."

By Rory

HIV Meds, Low Quality of Sleep and Low CD4 Count

Is there a connection between consistent quality of sleep and a person's CD4 count? That's a question John R. and his doctor are exploring.

By John R.

Atripla, Vivid Dreams and Getting Past the Undetectable Brick Wall

Some people think that Mike, the writer of this guest blog, is lucky because he has a CD4 count of 1600. He doesn't call it luck; he calls it responsibility, which helped him overcome Atripla's side effects.

By Mike

Can a Man Living With Hemophilia and HIV Bike Across the U.S. -- Twice?

Cyclist Barry Haarde commenced his second cross-country bike tour, "Wheels for the World 2013: Fast and Furious," in Costa Mesa, California on April 20 to raise funds for Save One Life.

Save One Life supports over 1,000 impoverished children and adu...

By Save One Life

Day 8 on Atripla: You Have a Rash on Your What?? (Video)

This video blog is part of the series "My HIV Journey: Videos of My First Months on HIV Meds, and Where I Am Now." Check out a full list of entries in the series.

On Day 7 of my HIV meds (Atripla), I broke out in a rash. The doctor says that it is n...

By Aaron Laxton