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COVID-19, HIV, and Loneliness: Help From Dr. David Fawcett

Reaching out to old friends, helping others, and scheduling weekly social time can make a difference.

By Charles Sanchez
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Triumeq for HIV Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Get an HIV doc's rundown of the most important info to understand about this three-drug, single-tablet regimen.

By David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H.
Lagos social distancing

COVID-19 Has Created Serious Challenges for Nigeria’s HIV Organizations

Five HIV/AIDS services providers in the West African country discuss how they’re getting antiretrovirals to patients and meeting other immediate needs during the pandemic.

By Ugonna-Ora Owoh
J.P. González-Torres and Janeth Almanza tend to a patient in Callen-Lorde's new anti-COVID dental clinic.

The Pandemic Drags On. HIV Folks, Are You Taking Care of Your Teeth?

Top HIV-serving dentists say it’s safe to come back to their offices. And they offer pro tips for maintaining strong chompers at home.

By Tim Murphy
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HIV in Latinx Communities

Latinx people living in the United States continue to be misunderstood, underrepresented, marginalized, and stigmatized, putting them at risk for HIV acquisition as well as poor HIV outcomes after diagnosis.

By Mathew Rodriguez
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Biktarvy for HIV Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

A top-notch HIV doctor dishes the details on one of the U.S.'s recommended first-line HIV treatment drugs.

By David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H.
viral hepatitis

The ABCs of Viral Hepatitis

Three different viruses cause the liver disease known as hepatitis. Here's what you need to know about the differences between them, including treatment and prevention.

By Juan Michael Porter II
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The Voices of Those Affected by HIV Are the Missing Link in Our Current COVID-19 Response

Communities affected by HIV are uniquely positioned to offer leadership in fighting this pandemic.

By Tuyishime Claire Gasamagera
United States pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic Needs To Be Treated Like the National Security Threat It Is

Until the United States takes public health seriously, consider pandemics a national security threat.

By Tuyishime Claire Gasamagera
Moderna headquarters

Moderna Reverses Decision to Exclude People with HIV From Their COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

“There is no clinical justification for excluding people with HIV from COVID-19 vaccine trials,” read a letter from HIV advocates to federal health officials.

By Tim Murphy