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barbed wire in front of prison

A Friendship Across Prison Walls

Incarcerated writer Tim Hinkhouse interviews his friend Betty about their shared experiences of living with HIV, loneliness, and loss.

Noel Twilbeck, Donna Ford and Dorian-Gray Alexander

In Post-Katrina New Orleans, HIV Rates Have Fallen While PrEP and HIV Care Have Increased

Poverty, stigma and racial health disparities drive HIV rates that are among the nation's highest. But expanded Medicaid and PrEP access seem to have contributed to a recent drop in new cases.

Christopher Harris

Longtime HIV Survivor Reminisces About the Atlanta Buyers Club

Christopher Harris recently shared his compelling story with StoryCorps. He gave us a taste of the uncut version.

Jamar Rogers: A Hero Using His Voice to Fight Stigma Img

Jamar Rogers: A Hero Using His Voice to Fight Stigma

When Jamar Rogers auditioned for the NBC television show The Voice in 2012, he naturally hoped that his appearance would catapult his career to the heights of the entertainment industry. But Rogers took his platform a step further when he decided to ...

On Denial After an HIV Diagnosis Img

On Denial After an HIV Diagnosis

It was September 1986. I just moved back from NYC to start a new job with the state of NY. My car insurance was purchased from a friend of mine who suggested I get a life insurance policy. It was so convenient; they came right to the office. Not long...

Two Years in a Row, It's Been My Turn to Go to Summer Camp!: A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold Img

Two Years in a Row, It's Been My Turn to Go to Summer Camp!: A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

Growing up as a child in the suburbs of Philadelphia, going to summer camp was always something I looked forward to. It's a tradition I have passed down to all 3 of my children. The years we could afford it, they went eagerly. Each year the focus of ...

_This Positive Life Video:_ An Interview With Ron Crowder Img

This Positive Life: An Interview With Ron Crowder

Welcome to This Positive Life Video Series! We have with us, Ron Crowder, Executive Director of Street Works in Nashville, Tennessee. When Ron tested positive in jail back in 1991, he wasn't surprised. Being an injection drug user who was sharing nee...

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Profiles in Courage: George Burgess

Table of Contents

Personal Bio Disclosure and Relationships Drug Addiction and Recovery Activism Harm Reduction Health, Treatment and HIV

Personal Bio

Can you tell our readers and listeners about your personal history with HIV? How did...

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Positive Empowerment

Illustration by Russell McGonagle

I'm a PWA (person with AIDS) who would like to share a couple of thoughts about living with HIV.

In 1994 I learned I was positive. I treated the news as if I had the common cold. By that I mean from 1994 until 1999...