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Girls, Women Trafficked in Asia for Commercial Sex Work Emerging as HIV/AIDS Risk Factor, Report Says

Young women and girls in Asia who are trafficked for commercial sex work are emerging as an HIV/AIDS risk factor, according to a report released by the United Nations Wednesday at the 8th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, the AP...

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Sex, Videotape and ... No Condoms?

No one suspected what was going on in the upper level units of a residential building on Chicago's North side. But for years, with just a credit card and a computer connected to the World Wide Web, anyone from anywhere could log in and watch.

The pl...

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Sex Workers and the Spread of HIV: What's the Real Story?

A smartly dressed couple check into a four-star city hotel armed with a bottle of champagne and condoms. In a building across the street, a couple who has just met is putting on a condom. In a parking lot of the local high school, in the backseat of ...

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In Baltimore, New Ambitions on the Street

Down a faded block in Southwest Baltimore, seven women stroll. Abused and debased, arrested and addicted, they have all worked as prostitutes. But this morning, they are not selling sex or scoring drugs. Instead, they are swinging blue shopping bags,...

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Detroit Program Helps Women Exit Sex Work

Detroit-based Alternatives for Girls' New Choices Project helps women exit prostitution and other forms of sex work, like exotic dancing. Program administrators say getting out of prostitution can be a challenge for career prostitutes, many of whom h...

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Oregon: Sex Workers' Advocacy Service Closes

After eight years promoting safe sex, needle exchange and clean, well-lighted strip clubs, the Portland, Ore., nonprofit Danzine is falling to a weak economy and shrinking public health budgets. Activist and exotic dancer Teresa Dulce, 31, started Da...

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Making It in Business

I encourage anyone who is in an illegal enterprise to consider a legal business (photo by Michael Storc).

When I was a child in Venice, Calif., I had a best friend whose mother was impeccably dressed every day. I wondered how she could afford to own...

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California: Prosecutor Seeks Lengthy Prison Term for HIV-Infected Woman

A prosecutor in Compton, Calif., is seeking a felony conviction and a nine-year sentence for a woman who is facing her seventh charge of prostitution since being diagnosed with HIV in 1995. An undercover officer in south Los Angeles arrested Panchita...

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Child Prostitution a Global Problem

An estimated one million children around the world are forced into prostitution every year, and the total number of prostituted children could be as high as 10 million, according to a report published in the April 20th issue of the Lancet (2002;359:1...

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The "Pill" Linked to Aggressive HIV

In a study of 115 sex workers with HIV, those who were on hormonal contraceptives -- primarily birth control pills or injectable progesterone -- at the time of infection had a five- to seven-fold higher risk of becoming infected with multiple strains...