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Sex Workers Not Welcome Here

"Where are all the red umbrellas?" a conference attendee asked in the busy corridors of the 2012 International AIDS Conference. She was referring to the international sex worker community, which has adopted the red umbrella as its symbol. Others also...

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AIDS 2012: Meet Sarah

Sex workers make up one of the groups most impacted by HIV. In a presentation at AIDS 2012, Deanna Kerrigan of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health reported that an estimated 12% of female sex workers around the world are living with HIV; that's...

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India: Sex Workers Denied U.S. Visa Hold Their Own AIDS Conference

International sex workers who say they were denied visas to attend the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington launched their own meeting Saturday in Kolkata. Organizers said 550 sex worker representatives from India and 41 other nations wer...

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Report: Police Seizing Condoms From Sex Workers

Human Rights Watch says some big-city police forces are putting sex workers at risk by confiscating their condoms and using them as evidence to support prostitution charges. The group called a news conference for Thursday to discuss a new report on t...

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Ukraine's Sex Industry Bets on Euro 2012

Ukraine's sex workers are counting on the country hosting the Euro 2012 soccer championship to bring in clients and cash. Concurrently, however, AIDS advocates are issuing stark reminders that the nation has the highest HIV infection rate in Eastern ...

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Caste Locks Nepal's Sex Workers Into Their Profession

It would take special effort to empower an "untouchable" Hindu caste in Nepal that has long been associated with entertainment and prostitution, social activists say. Four years ago, the government banned Badis from engaging in sex work, and it promi...

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Greece Arrests 17 HIV-Positive Women Following Brothel Crackdown

Greek authorities are cracking down on unlicensed brothels, where prostitutes who are working illegally likely are not undergoing mandated HIV tests.

Prostitution is legal in Greece, and brothels are licensed by the government. Officials believe a r...

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Since When Are Condoms Illegal?

Men who have sex with men (MSM) and sex workers are among the most vulnerable to HIV. To combat this, prevention programs have focused on encouraging condom use to help prevent transmission. Prisoners need them, since the reality of prison life often...

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Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive: At Home Base -- A Blog Entry by Candace Y.A. Montague

This final installment of the series explains why and how HIPS supports sex workers when the world has turned their backs on them.

Why would someone purposely put himself or herself in harm's way to turn tricks on the street? For drugs? To feel powe...