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In Tijuana, Caravan Migrants Met With Xenophobia and HIV Discrimination but Find Support

As the U.S. government shutdown carries on for nearly a month over border wall funding, many migrants caught in Tijuana amid discrimination get support from a steadfast HIV organization.

By Giuliani Alvarenga

'Que No Estas Solo': Beto Comes Out as an Undocumented Person Living With HIV

"After a few years of sharing my story with people, I started to change the way I was dealing with my own status," Gilberto Soberanis writes. "I don't know exactly when it happened, but suddenly I stopped thinking of HIV and started living. Now I liv...

By Gilberto Soberanis for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Expanding HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment, and Care Programs for Refugees

World AIDS Day reminds us that millions of people around the world live every day with the reality of HIV or AIDS. Providing comprehensive health care and services to HIV-infected populations can be challenging in any setting, but for people displace...

By Bryan Schaaf for U.S. Department of State

Challenge to South Africa's Policies on HIV-Infected

A new report urges South Africa to reconsider its policy of deporting migrants infected with HIV and other life-threatening illnesses.

In "Returned to Risk: Deportation of HIV-Positive Migrants," Human Rights Watch, Deutsche AIDS-Life, the European ...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

Migrants Traveling to Their Country of Origin: A Bridge Population for HIV Transmission?

Migrants who have unprotected heterosexual contact in both the Netherlands and their homeland could serve as a bridge population for HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission, noted the authors, who studied the determinants for such a...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

China's Rural Immigrants Are New Front in AIDS Fight

Chinese health officials worry that migrant workers, a major force powering the country's rapidly growing economy, are highly vulnerable to HIV and could accelerate its spread into the general population. To date, HIV/AIDS has been mostly confined to...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

Migration and HIV in Africa: Challenges and Recommendations

Increasingly, global responses to migration and to migrants are influencing responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic itself. African migrants in particular have borne the brunt of xenophobia and discrimination directed toward outsiders. Those who are undoc...

By Anthony Rutabanzibwa for Gay Men's Health Crisis