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Angeles Delgado, Michelle Montgomery, Lisa Koffler, Jona, Roslyn Campbell, Michael Erhard credit Damaris Delgado

Despite New York City’s Overall Ending-the-Epidemic Success, Brooklyn Still Lags Behind

Skyrocketing housing costs mean HIV-negative youth have priorities other than prevention.

By Tim Murphy
Avery and Lance Malone credit Care Alliance

In Cleveland, Resources to Address Silence and Stigma Matter as Much as Treatment and PrEP

Young black gay and bisexual men in Cleveland wish they had the resources of the state capital, Columbus, to address the HIV epidemic in Northeast Ohio.

By Tim Murphy
Kevin Koerner and Morrigan Phillips credit Megan Eaves

In the Boston Metro Area, a Tale of Two HIV Epidemics Emerges

While black and Latinx gay and bisexual men and transgender women make up a larger portion of HIV cases in and around Boston, the opioid crisis has led to spiking HIV rates among injection drug users.

By Tim Murphy
Leon Peoples Aaliyah Messiah Garland Jarmon Steven R Sawyer credit Yvonne Young

Even in Wealthy, Progressive Seattle, HIV Care and Prevention Disparities Persist

Though Seattle is doing well compared to many other U.S. cities, it could still invest more to serve marginalized populations, including black residents and injection drug users.

By Tim Murphy
In Miami, a Potential HIV Outbreak Under a Highway Underpass Raises Ethical Questions Img

In Miami, a Potential HIV Outbreak Under a Highway Underpass Raises Ethical Questions

Homeless rights advocates are concerned by the heightened presence of authorities in a Miami encampment.

By AIDS United
Homeless teenager with sign asking for help

Homeless LGBTQ Youth Remain at Risk for HIV, and They Need Us

Homelessness is a problem in and of itself, but for LGBTQ youth, housing instability is also a significant risk factor for becoming HIV positive.

By Giuliani Alvarenga
Ending Homelessness to End AIDS Img

Ending Homelessness to End AIDS

When you recognize the fact that at least half of people with HIV have experienced homelessness or unstable housing, regardless of how they became infected, it's hard to ignore the likelihood that ending homelessness could be a huge step towards endi...

By Nancy Bernstine and Christine Campbell for ACRIA and GMHC
Breaking the Link Between Homelessness and HIV Img

Breaking the Link Between Homelessness and HIV

Homelessness is both a cause and an effect of HIV infection.

People coping with homelessness are at greater risk of becoming infected with HIV and people living with HIV/AIDS experience high rates of housing loss and instability.

Homelessness incre...

By National AIDS Housing Coalition
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Solidarity Workshop: How to Do Activist Teach-Ins at a Homeless Shelter

ACT UP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, has been fighting for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and for human rights-based HIV prevention in Philadelphia for 20 years. Longtime member Jose de Marco says, "People at our meetings -- commun...

By Jose de Marco for Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project
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Which State Is "Meanest?" For People Who Are Poor, California Is the Pits, Claims a New Report

Graphic by Michael Storc

Many U.S. cities and counties are enforcing laws that turn homeless people into criminals, according to a new report from the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.


By Marlon Valdivia for AIDS Project Los Angeles