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Avery and Lance Malone credit Care Alliance

In Cleveland, Resources to Address Silence and Stigma Matter as Much as Treatment and PrEP

Young black gay and bisexual men in Cleveland wish they had the resources of the state capital, Columbus, to address the HIV epidemic in Northeast Ohio.

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Even in Wealthy, Progressive Seattle, HIV Care and Prevention Disparities Persist

Though Seattle is doing well compared to many other U.S. cities, it could still invest more to serve marginalized populations, including black residents and injection drug users.

Brian Belovitch in 2018 and in 1981.

Mental Health Expert Uses His Life to Help Others Navigate HIV and Gender

Brian Belovitch has learned many lessons about self-care during his long journey with HIV and trans identity. Now he channels those lessons into his work as a mental health provider.

HIV and Mental Health Img

HIV and Mental Health

If you are living with HIV, it's important to pay attention to both your physical and mental health. This fact sheet provides information on how people with HIV can take care of their mental health.

My Superhero! A Blog Entry by Tim Hinkhouse Img

My Superhero! A Blog Entry by Tim Hinkhouse

"Does anyone out there know a superhero? I know several, but not in the traditional sense of out fighting crime, having special powers, wearing a snazzy costume," Tim says. "No, these people I am talking about have saved me from myself and they dress...

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Making Darkness Visible: Seeing the Relationship of Laws, Homophobia, and Suicide -- A Blog Entry by fogcityjohn

And because no breeze stirs this caldron, because there is no escape from this smothering confinement, it is entirely natural that the victim begins to think ceaselessly of oblivion.

-- William Styron, Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness

I ha...

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The HHS Office of HIV/AIDS Policy on Bullying and Teen Suicide: A Blog Entry by Miguel Gomez

This article was cross-posted from the blog.

We recently wrote a post about the very serious problem of bullying and teen suicide. Children or adolescents who are, or are perceived to be, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) are at...

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Depression and HIV in Prison

Depression has been the subject of many conversations with my incarcerated peers over the years but only as a feeling and little else. After researching this issue just recently, I have found it to be a multi-dimensional and often misunderstood iss...