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Gain, No Pain?

Pick up Numedx, HIV Plus, or any other AIDS magazine and you'll find full-page advertisements for Juven® with HMB™. Juven is formulated to help build lean tissue (muscle) for persons dealing with unintentional weight loss without adding body fat. Rea...

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What Supplements I Take and Why: Nelson Vergel's Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Regimen

This is the second installment in our series "What Supplements I Take and Why." This article looks at the supplement regimen taken by Nelson Vergel. Nelson, a native of Venezuela and 17-year survivor of HIV, is a leading treatment advocate for HIV-re...

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Can Ginseng Help Suppress HIV?


The roots of the ginseng plant have been used for centuries by herbalists because of its anti-stress and anti-fatigue effects. Researchers in Hong Kong have been studying this herb and found that ginseng contains a protein called panaxagi...

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Pesticides Found in Many Ginseng Supplements in the U.S.

The organization ConsumerLab in the U.S. conducts independent testing of supplements sold in that country. The purpose of the testing is to find out if the ingredients listed on the label match those found in the capsules, tablets or liquids that acc...

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What Supplements I Take and Why: Guy Pujol's Supplement Regimen From AIDS Treatment Initiative

People often ask me what supplements I take. Since I just re-evaluated my supplement regimen and made a few modifications and changes, I realized this would be a good time to share with you the supplements I take and why I take them.

To offer a vari...

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Too Much Iron Can Cause Problems

Iron is a nutrient that the body needs to help build red blood cells. Foods rich in iron include meat, liver, peas, beans, spinach, whole grains, and eggs. Too much iron in the body, a condition called iron overload, can cause serious problems, inclu...

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Vitamin, Mineral, and Herbal Supplementation for Women Reaching Menopause

There are many women for whom hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may not be necessary or may be dangerous. For these women herbal therapy may relieve some of the common discomforts associated with menopause. Herbal sources are used in the manufacturin...

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New Information on NAC and Glutathione

NAC Update Issue: New Information

NAC: Stanford San Francisco Study Report Shows Blood Glutathione Improvement, Possible Survival Benefit Full report of placebo-controlled trial of NAC in 60 patients

NAC and Glutathione: Recent Publications ...

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NAC: Stanford San Francisco Study Report Shows Blood Glutathione Improvement, Possible Survival Benefit

[Disclosure: The senior authors of the NAC study reported here, Drs. LA Herzenberg, both Ph.D., of the Department of Genetics at Stanford University, are on the board of AIDS Treatment News Associates, our nonprofit arm which helps fund newsletter ...

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NAC and Glutathione: Recent Publications

We were surprised to learn how much work has been published recently on glutathione blood level, oxidative stress, and/or NAC or similar treatments to correct abnormally low glutathione levels in various illnesses, including HIV infection. Here are ...