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Plant Compound More Potent Than AZT in Inhibiting HIV Replication

Scientists have discovered that a compound derived from the Southeast Asian plant justicia gendarussa has a greater effect than AZT in blocking HIV.

By Annamarya Scaccia

Vitamins: Alternative Treatment or Necessary Therapy?

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for everybody. They play an even bigger role in the nutritional status and health of individuals with HIV/AIDS. Vitamin/mineral supplements often become an important component of treatment, whether self-prescribed ...

By Lisa A. Ploss, RD, MPH for Women Alive

HIV, Vitamins and Supplements

Learn what vitamins and minerals are, and get some suggestions about what supplements women living with HIV may want to take and which ones to avoid.

By The Well Project

Top Tips for Finding Trustworthy Dietary Supplements

It's easy to rack up a big bill with vitamins and other supplements. George Carter shares strategies for getting your money's worth.

By George Carter

The Power of a Simple Multivitamin

Activist and integrative medicine expert George Carter was part of a research team that found that a very simple, inexpensive multivitamin can slow the rate of progression to AIDS by nearly 40 percent in people who are not on ARVs. He walked TheBody....

By George M. Carter

Are Vitamin Pills Really Worth It?

A majority of Americans take daily supplements. But yo-yo media coverage has left many people confused -- do these vitamins and minerals help or harm?

By Bob Lederer


What Is Essiac? How Is Essiac Used? What Are the Benefits of Essiac? Why Do People With HIV Use Essiac? What Are the Side Effects? How Does It Interact With Other Therapies? How Do We Know It Works? The Bottom Line

What Is Essiac?


By AIDS InfoNet

A Vitamin a Day

Iris Budd, 67

Guelph, Ontario HIV+: 8 years Volunteer at AIDS Committee of Guelph and Wellington County

I am a firm believer in supplements and I know they work for me because of the positive effects they have on my overall health. (Also, I res...

By Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Dietary Supplements: Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

Use and Safety of Dietary Supplements How do I know if I need a dietary supplement? How can I get more information about a particular dietary supplement such as whether it is safe and effective? Where can I find i...

By U.S. National Institutes of Health

Vitamins and Minerals

Why Are Vitamins and Minerals Important? What Are Antioxidants? How Much Do I Need? Which Nutrients Are Important? What About Other Supplements? Can Nutrients Be Harmful? For More Information

Why Are Vitamins and Minerals Important?


By AIDS InfoNet