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Making Progress in Losing Weight, Knowing the Reward Will Be Feeling Better Overall: A Blog Entry by Tim Hinkhouse

It's hard to say "no" to fresh pastries with prison chow. Fortunately, Tim Hinkhouse eats with people who are supportive of his weight loss goals: "They'll eat those things for me and then tell me how great they were!"

By Tim Hinkhouse

Med Side Effects: Thinking About How HIV Affects Us Physically -- A Blog Entry by Tim Hinkhouse

Being HIV positive and feeling the side effects of various meds has encouraged Tim Hinkhouse to care more about his body: "I have wanted to learn all I can to stay healthy."

By Tim Hinkhouse

With Nutrition and Exercise, Harm Reduction Practices Help Me Live Well With HIV

Living well with HIV is more than just taking a pill a day. George M. Johnson explains how he uses "harm reduction" to analyze what he's doing and taking steps towards a better life, particularly with food and exercise.

By George M. Johnson

The Power of a Simple Multivitamin

Activist and integrative medicine expert George Carter was part of a research team that found that a very simple, inexpensive multivitamin can slow the rate of progression to AIDS by nearly 40 percent in people who are not on ARVs. He walked TheBody....

By George M. Carter

Dance Your Ass Off!

Taking your meds is a great first step, but if you want a healthy life with HIV, you need to get up and dance to better health!

By Carlos A. Perez for Test Positive Aware Network

Caring for the Inside: HIV and Nutrition

I don't buy snacks when I shop, because once those snacks get in the house, I'm in trouble!

-- Nancy Santiago, 55 Needle exchange staffer, Philadelphia Diagnosed with HIV in 2002

By Positively Aware

Boston Strong -- 1 Year Later

The first person living with what used to be called "full-blown AIDS" to run the Boston Marathon, Stephen Kovacev, tells of running it one year after the Boston bombing tragedy.

By Stephen Kovacev

A Vitamin a Day

Iris Budd, 67

Guelph, Ontario HIV+: 8 years Volunteer at AIDS Committee of Guelph and Wellington County

I am a firm believer in supplements and I know they work for me because of the positive effects they have on my overall health. (Also, I res...

By Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Mogwai Rule No. 1: On Nutrition After a New HIV Diagnosis

"We should eat better because we CAN eat better. It's similar to how the advent/usage of clean drinking water 150 years ago made those human beings the luckiest in history."

By Ben B.

Taking Back Control ...: A Blog Entry by Rae Lewis-Thornton

In the month prior to going on this last round of IV medication I was on top of the world. Overall, I was feeling BETTER. My Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) seemed to be under control. I was having regular, everyday bowel movements. I had more energy a...

By Rae Lewis-Thornton