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What is salmonellosis? What sort of germ is Salmonella? How can Salmonella infections be diagnosed? How can Salmonella infections be treated? Are there long-term consequences to a Salmonella infection? How do people catch Salmonella? Wh...

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What is listeriosis? What are the symptoms of listeriosis? How great is the risk for listeriosis? How does Listeria get into food? How do you get listeriosis? Can listeriosis be prevented? How can you reduce your risk for listeriosis? ...

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A Practical Guide to Nutrition for People Living With HIV

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Part One: A Three-Course Meal -- 1. Appetizer: You, Food and HIV

Part One: A Three-Course Meal -- 2. The Main Course: Healthy Eating

Part One: A Three-Course Meal -- 3. Dessert: Nutrition, Weight and HIV

Part Two: À...

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Safe Food and Water

Why should I be careful about food and water? What illnesses caused by germs in food and water do people with HIV commonly get? Do only people with HIV get these illnesses? Are these illnesses the same in people with HIV as in other people? ...

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Caveman's Diet: A Guide for Living Healthier With HIV

Can It Get Even Better Than This? You Don't Need to Trade in for a Newer Model -- You Can Live Longer and Better While Controlling HIV

At a conference recently, I was having supper with a few of the organizers, who have been living with HIV for over...

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Avoiding Metabolic Problems: Dietary Advice for HIV-Positive People

Today HIV management in the developed world is not just about clobbering the virus. It's about whole health and improved quality of life. Simpler medication regimens and symptom management are not the only priorities. HIV treatment now includes strat...

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Nutrition and HIV

Good nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether one is living with HIV/AIDS. Optimal nutrition can help boost immune function, maximize the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy, reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as diab...

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Cell Protection: Antioxidants and Your Health

You may have heard the terms antioxidant and free radical before, but you may not know exactly what they are and how they relate to HIV and your overall health. In simple terms, free radicals are highly reactive, unstable molecules that are roaming...

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Using Natural Therapies to Make HIV Treatment Even More Effective

Antiretroviral therapy has changed the face of HIV over the last decade and a half. Patient life expectancy has increased tremendously and we no longer associate many of the opportunistic infections as early-onset symptoms. Drug regimen pill burdens ...

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Are Your Hands Clean? A Quick, Easy Way to Avoid Germs

September is National Food Safety Education Month®, an annual campaign designed to heighten consumer awareness about the importance of food safety education. Developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation's (NRAEF) Internat...