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Condoms vs. Bareback Sex at Gay Men's Health Summit: A Video Blog Entry by Mark S. King

While "gay men's health" as a concept -- aging, mental health, relationships, physical fitness -- tried mightily to get some respect at the 2010 Gay Men's Health Summit in Ft. Lauderdale, HIV/AIDS continued to dominate much of the workshops and discu...

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"You Can't Handle the Truth!": Gay Men and HIV Education

In 1994, psychologist Walt Odets published a scathing critique of what was then called "AIDS education." Writing in the now-defunct AIDS & Public Policy Journal, Odets examined the approaches used to educate gay men about HIV, and to put it mildly, h...

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Catholics and Condoms: Why What the Pope Says Matters

Introduction What Do Catholics Think? The Church's Work in AIDS A Powerful Lobbyist Condoms4Life


During his 2009 trip to Cameroon, a country with an HIV prevalence rate of over 5%, Pope Benedict XVI made a shocking assertion ...

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Condoms Remain a Vital Tool in Preventing the Spread of HIV

"As someone who has cared for people living with HIV for almost 30 years, I have seen both the ravages of the epidemic and the successes of major improvements in HIV prevention and therapy. However, until we create a biomedical intervention that is 1...

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Editorials, Opinion Pieces Respond to Pope's Statement on Condoms, HIV/AIDS

Newspapers recently published editorials and opinion pieces responding to Pope Benedict XVI's recent statement that condom distribution will not curb the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Summaries appear below.


Seattle Times: "The Catholic ...

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Thoughts About Women and Oral Sex After Visiting the NYC Sex Museum: A Blog Entry by Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

Time: 11:26 p.m. Place: NYC

I was on my spring break and felt like I should do something "wild" since historically, spring break is the week that college students are supposed to "let loose." Since I am a 41-year-old student and not 18 anymore, I ...

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Standing My Ground With Latex: A Blog Entry by Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

Time: 5:00 p.m. Place: Georgia

Dating sucks. I hate it and wish I didn't have to participate in it. I realize that no one is forcing me to date, but does it have to be so complicated? Can't we just go out, like each other, find each other attracti...

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First Female Condom Machine Is Launched in France

French President Jacques Chirac's campaign spokesperson Roselyne Bachelot marked International Women's Day by inaugurating France's first female condom machine. But the plan aimed at polishing the incumbent's feminist credentials ahead of the preside...

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Naked Sex, the Female Condom, and New Microbicides

David SalyerAmerican women prefer naked sex, according to Mary Ann Leeper, founder and president of the Female Health Company in Chicago. Leeper's company markets the Reality female condom, a polyurethane, baggie-like condom women insert into the vag...

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Taking Care

The word "barebacking" makes me sick. If someone is HIV-negative, the practice of barebacking may make him sick.

I am sorry that for too many gay men -- many of them young and bursting with hubris -- the wearing of condoms is too much to ask. I have...