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Do Some People Really Want to Get HIV? I Spoke to 'Bug Chasers' Around the World to Find Out

Why would anybody want to get infected with HIV? That is what most people ask when they first hear about "bug chasing."

By Jaime García-Iglesias for The Conversation

'Contraception Deserts' Likely to Widen Under New Trump Administration Policy

Administration officials are exploring changes to the federal program that funds birth control for low-income, uninsured women.

By Sarah Varney for Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

What Is the Future of the Female Condom?

The company that makes it says it switched the product from over the counter to prescription only because it doesn't sell. Advocates say that's because the company has never promoted it. Who's right?

By Tim Murphy

Female Condoms, Used by Women and Men for HIV Prevention, Will Now Be Prescription Only

The oft-overlooked method may now cost as much as $20 per condom for the uninsured, if they can't get it through health departments or non-profit groups.

By Martha Kempner

How Do We Negotiate Condom Usage in the Age of PrEP?

"As with all sexual and health choices, it's my decision about my body," says Evan J. Peterson, who continues to use condoms after two years on PrEP. "That doesn't mean I judge you for your choice not to use them."

By Evan J. Peterson

Keeping the Condom Window Open, A Little Longer

Martha Kempner wonders if it's time we bring back the condoms-until-testing rule. It makes no judgement about causal sex but reminds us of the risk of STIs and the importance of condoms for protection, she says.

By Martha Kempner

'Female' Condoms Cost Too Much: A Call for HIV Prevention Equality for Receptive Sex Partners

Who can break the cycle of the high cost of the "female" condoms for HIV prevention in people of all genders who have receptive sex? It's the U.S. FDA, according to the National Female Condom Coalition.

By Jessica Terlikowski and Anna Forbes, M.S.S.

What About Condoms?

"Why can't people just use condoms?" may be the wrong question.

By Damon L. Jacobs, L.M.F.T. for Test Positive Aware Network

Requiring Porn Actors to Wear Condoms Is Legislating Problems That Don't Exist

Sue Saltmarsh asks, "Considering all the ways one can contract an STI, as well as all available prevention methods, is the porn industry's use of condoms really where attention should be paid?"

By Sue Saltmarsh

The Condom Conundrum: What Good Are They Anyway?: A Blog Entry by Dave R.

"This is not a call for the abandonment of rubbers in favour of uninhibited sex. It's an attempt to place condoms in the context of a world where sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are out to get us at every turn."

By Dave R.